Has Biden ever committed to a peaceful transition of power?

Hillary Clinton has said that Biden should never concede the election no matter what:

Has Biden ever denounced that approach?

Democrats have spent the last four years claiming that the 2016 election was not legitimate. Antifa and its allies burned cars and engaged in the violence at the inauguration, and there have been continual violent protests since then. Clearly Biden did little to prevent violence during and after the last transition.

If Biden said there would be a peaceful transition now, would it even matter? Would the violent anti-Trump extremists care what Biden has to say?

Biden isn’t the President, Trump is.


what would Biden be transferring?


Okay, has Biden ever committed to a peaceful concession if he loses?

Biden was in the last transition of power. Was that peaceful?

People are constantly forgetting that.


Yes. It was peaceful.

Was the transition from Obama-Biden administration peaceful?

yes. there were no attempts by Biden or Obama to stop or thwart the transition.

ask him.

Except of course for the illegal surveillance program and the tacit approval of massive violent protests.

You call the FBI investigation and investigation after investigation peaceful? That’s not how it works.

And why has Biden hired 600 lawyers?

Yes. Yes it was.

Which illegal surveillance program?

Well they were up to their eyeballs in Russian spies. So it seems that they kinda brought it on themselves.

Because the Presdient is publicly telling people that he is not going to accept the results if he loses.

Blame it on authoritarian high modernism.


When the freaking president is saying “throw out ballots” you do what is necessary to make sure he doesn’t.

Fiery but “peaceful” protests on Jan 20, 2017:

Are we expanding the scope to after the transition now? And to people not in government?

Gosh, what we need here is an expert in human behavior. That might explain quite a bit.

You should stop…those goal posts you carrying must be very heavy. :roll_eyes: