Has Anyone Noticed This? Covid 19

The majority of the highest deaths are in largely democrat states mostly New Jersey,Connecticut , New York, why is social media blaming the trump admin for what happened in these liberal when they should be blaming the liberal governors as well?

These are the same governors and city officials meanwhile that allow protesting that have no physical distancing? to happen and they are more important then controlling the curve.

Whats the point of controlling the curve when you allow protesting, rioting to continue? when at any time the cases could just re spike again.

New Jersey now currently beats NY for the highest death toll. Other states seem to have the virus under control for months now it seems as the numbers in other states had stayed mostly low.



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Are we going to forget that the media or soalso had a motorcycle’s driver death listed as covid as well in FL? and in the case of FL how many of these cases with the covid are even false positives? or negative?

From the article, deaths per 100,000


The virus hit the east coast from Europe with infected folks coming into JFK & Newark. When the outbreak started the governors of the east coast states did a lockdown, but the virus was already spreading at a vicious rate.
Other states followed with lock downs. And then Trump decided that it was time to turn back on.
And the Republican governors of the southern states did it quickly. And now their rates are exploding.
So hence the blame.
The one strange one is California. They tried to turn back on slowly and for some reason it didn’t work.
Some blame the protests. I think it is a combination of the protests, beaches opening up too soon and the population density of LA, San Diego and the Bay Area.
As far as the protests I heard a lot of local officials make pleas for mask wearing and social distancing.
But at that time there were still a lot of folks who didn’t take this seriously.

Come on everyone, this stuff is just ridiculous and usually comes back to bite the side that is bragging. Covid gives zero ■■■■■ about this.


Your talking points are about four, six weeks behind what’s going on.


Here we go with math again.

Ummm… see this?

How many cases a day is Florida reporting? Ten thousand? Fifteen?

The east coast states had a lot of deaths because the doctors did not know what they were dealing with.
Over time their methods have gotten better and have lowered the death rate. However many of the survivors have been seriously effected. Some have injuries to their respiratory systems that will take months or years to heal.
And now in some states we are having so many people admitted to the hospitals that it is taxing our system. Not to mention that many doctors, nurses and staff are getting the virus and getting knocked out of action.

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Perhaps the cause is misattributed.

Why would you try and make Florida out to be more complicated than it already is? lol


Have they? Correlation or causation?

Got that information from a doctor. He said that successful methods were being published almost daily by the AMA.

Of course people have noticed this. Imagine the change in our place in deaths by covid-19 if NY and NJ were removed from the calculations.
Most of the media have not and will not notice this. They are too busy praising Cuomo.


I have no doubt they are taking credit for it. My guess, and all it is, is that they were quick to put them on ventilators early on and that was a big part of the problem.

If I was mean, I would say they aren’t saving them, they stopped making it worse. But I’m not mean.

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Hard to know. Remember they fired the gal who was gathering that data because she didn’t agree with the state officials when they asked her to cook the books. I think that the DeSantis boys are trying their best to make things look better. However the sheer number of folks overloading the hospitals is getting the attention.

Who would have foreseen that sending people with coronavirus to nursing homes would have been problematic?