Has 50 years of Democrat Governance has made Chicago Rat Capital of USA

A friend of mine claimed the rats were so big in his neighborhood they ate cats.

Republican cities, their rats wear 3 piece suits and walk on two feet clad in Feragamo’s.


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Chicago is a great city. Ever visited, OP?

Of course, cities have problems like homelessness, crime, and rats, just as rural areas have their own problems, like insanity.

You understand that “study” of poop in San Francisco only examined the single worst neighborhood in the city, right?

Anyone who’s spent any time in San Francisco would know that. It’s the tenderloin.

There was in your article a mentioned significant reason possibly more linked to this increase than anything else. Milder winters.

Perhaps you are now going to try and lay the blame for milder winters in Chicago on the shoulders of Liberals?


DemocRATS been running it.

Powerful non-trollish stuff per usual from Conan.



When Conan gets upset, he likes to repeat the same word over and over.

When did he give up the pretense of not being a troll?

He’ll be telling that one-word joke at the bar tonight. When the listeners don’t get it, he’ll have to spell it out on the counter with a dozen squirts of ketchup.

Thank you Ronald Reagan!

You gave us more crowded cities with the illegal immigrant amnesty and took away an effective rat eradication program that was helping the States and their rat infected cities.

The federal government wasn’t always silent on rats. From 1969 to 1982, the Center for Disease Control awarded cities grants under what was known as the Urban Rat Control program, championed by then-President Lyndon Johnson. The program started small, servicing only 19 communities across the country, but eventually grew to serve 65 communities with an annual budget of $13 million, which was matched by state and local governments. While the program did experience some hiccups, it was widely considered successful. Quoting the CDC, the Associated Press reported in 1982: “As a result of the efforts, 7.7 million people now live in rat-free, environmentally improved neighborhoods.”

But President Ronald Reagan eliminated the program, saying the rat problem should be dealt with by individual states. That irked former CDC Director of Environmental Health William Houk, who told United Press International at the time that the program was “one of the more worthwhile projects of the federal government.” Reagan’s decision to cut it, Houk said, “is a classic example of the government doing something with [to] the people instead of for them.”



Some probably still won’t get it, but hey, it puts Democrats down, so the guffaws will ensue.


“The reason the rats are so bad now, we believe, is because of the warm winters,” said Gerard Brown, program manager of the Rodent and Vector Control Division of the D.C. Department of Health, at a 2016 rat summit.

Rat pro Corrigan agrees. “Breeding usually slows down during the winter months,” he said. But with shorter, warmer winters becoming more common—2016 was America’s warmest winter on record—rats are experiencing a baby boom. “They have an edge of squeezing out one more litter, one more half litter,” Corrigan said.


I am so glad that President Donald Trump is rejecting anything that might have some positive affect on diminishing America’s contributions to air pollution.

So looking forward to Uncle Flabby Blabby eliminating the EPA and the CDC.

Then maybe America can become the biggest Rat Nation in the world!

Name one Democrat who has offered a “Utopia.”

Jews vote for Democrats as well. Why?

Not a democrat, but can name several county’s right here in Maryland and also in VA that has been under democratic rule, but are doing well.
I will concede the fact that we have a very good governor who is a republican. He’s very popular and anti trump. He has my vote again in November.

  • Montgomery County, most of the wealthiest persons in the state live in MoCo and the county has a great public school system.

  • Howard County, has some of the best public schools in the country along with Montgomery County

  • Prince George’s County, has the highest concentration of middle to upper middle class African Americans and Latinos than any other county in the Country(70% black, 17% white, 10% Latino). Our current Governor was born and raised here. Also home of former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

  • Anne Arundel County is a combination of both MoCo and HowCo, also home of the Naval Academy and the state capitol(Annapolis)

In Virginia(Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudon County and Prince William)

I’m going go out on a limb and even say Washington, DC.
Crime is down tremendously. However I will admit the biggest issue is the school system.
Most of the people who can afford to live in DC and have kids end up sending their kids to private school or some of the high end public/charter schools in upper Northwest.

You should travel a little bit, see the country. Hell, come to the hood if you’re brave enough. I doubt that you are.

Feeding the Troll.

It just leads to troll poop.


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Which liberal policies, specifically, led to the increase in rats?