Harvard Scientists to Release Sun-Dimming Sky Chemical in 2019

No i didn’t I wrote “Because if the sun warms the earth and they can attempt to reduce this heating it may reduce the effects of global warming”

That’s exactly what I said.

“That you do not understand the fundamental difference between the math and physics required to land a mass on Mars and that required to predict the climate on Earth 100 years hence …”

Perhaps the problem with your lack of understanding is greater than I thought.

Hate to disappoint you sweetie but I read it.

I mean honestly, I wasn’t addressing EVERY damn detail in it, but please continue.

i know it’s pointless, right? lol.

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Usually. Especially when they like to argue over crap that you never said to begin with. They do love their strawmen arguments. :roll_eyes:

How incredibly, normally, conservatively short sighted that view is. The entire application of this process will be on them correctly understanding how the material will disperse. They will likely have to do many of these test, but they have to start somewhere to begin to understand these things.

Attitudes like yours would have never begun the process and test necessary to get us to the moon. You’d have been calling all of the beginning work a total joke and waste.

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And what risk do you see exceeding what reward in regard to this story and experiment?

it’s not an “attitude” it’s just applying actual science. and common sense. this is a waste of time

china and india are devastating the atmosphere with flagrant disregard and these jokers are spreading calcium in the air thinking we can eventually block some sun

it’s idiotic

but the article’s in Nature so go worship them…

the question that should be asked is “what possible good can result from this experiment in light of all the other leviathan environmental assaults taking place around the world?”

Thanks for proving my point with your last two post.

It’s like those jokers Orville and Wilbur.

How about those jokers who thought you could turn intercontinental ballistic missiles into something that men could ride into space.

Talk about waste of time… In fact, I don’t know why we(humans) every try anything new and bold ever.

At least not without consulting experts like you first.


this is far from “bold. “ and nothing like finally achieving a greater lift to weight ratio in an airplane

you (and everyone else they depend on) think it’s “bold” because you saw an article in the breathless-leftist Nature and so won’t dare think critically

leave it to us scientists. we will

:rofl: You must really not like this magazine or whatever it is. I never heard of it.

And even :rofl: :rofl:, you seem to think that Orville and Wilbur’s first experiment was the short flight at Kitty Hawk.

Talk about not critically thinking… Get a mirror bro

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you are comparing this “experiment” to the invention of the aircraft, and you are criticizing my critical thinking skills?


If the premise proves doable they will be able to effect the global temperature of the planet and prevent what would be disastrous results if temperatures did continue to rise and the oceans began to rise whether the increase is man made or not.

You’re seriously not worth any more time on this.

Enjoy your rants against Nature. lolololol

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What could go wrong?..and don’t we already have this sun blocking technology?

It’s called the smoke from every forest and wildfire from LA. To Vancouver. That did plenty to shorten my swimming pool season here in the midwest. The wildfire smoke reduced temps by sometimes 5 degrees below normal just because there was not full sun.

This case is worrying for so many reasons.

you have no idea whether or not temps will even continue to rise, and if they do why, or what the effects will be other than what you see in the damn movies

blocking out the sun to cool the earth is imbecilic notion

how about we start with painting all the roofs white instead, and using white pavement? that would be crazy huh?

this isnt science. it’s pseudo-science

Not really. They experiment to assess the validity of a hypothesis.

What if the hypothesis is: “If we do X, it will solve problem Y”? I’d love for thinkingman to take a crack at this one too.