Harvard Scientists to Release Sun-Dimming Sky Chemical in 2019

I have every idea of all that, because I have read every word of the very detailed and substantive article from the OP.

OK but you refuse to answer.

wonder why

So much for discussion huh?

Does anyone else dare tell us what exactly is supposed to be achieved by this “experiment”?

Can you not read? Why do you want people to regurgitate an article for you?

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Unbelievable. Because that is the point of a discussion forum. This isn’t Twitter

Why post the article at all if no one wants to remark on it or offer their take, or opinion.

Never saw posters so afraid to address the topic in the OP…

Haven’t you heard? They wouldn’t be doing this if we were still part of the Paris Accords. Yeah, we’re THAT important to them. :roll_eyes:

Just like a liberal to be all about spending other people’s money.

I, for one, obviously don’t care about pollution. The earth knows how to take care of itself.

That’s not what you said Mr Samm. There is a significant difference between the two. You are shifting goal posts because you made an off the cuff remake that the physics and the math deals in absolutes as compared to climate science projections.

They both deal with numerous variables in trying to build predictive models. They do not deal with absolutes. Did you mean known and unknowns? Did you mean that climate science is based on theoretical variables? I am just trying to clear up your conclusive statement.

So the title of the article isn’t sufficient for you to understand?

So based solely on the titles they are trying to use chemicals to reduce the heat of the sun? are you asking why? Because the sun is what warms the earth. Are you asking why is this relevant to global warming? Because if the sun warms the earth and they can attempt to reduce this heating it may reduce the effects of global warming? Are you asking what the effects of global warminf? Are you asking for a friend?

oh my…

talk about avoiding answering a simple question haha

It is the same thing. Man made invention to affect the temperature.

You’re okay with medicine now keeping premature born babies alive at earlier and earlier ages, right? Or have you been screaming on some other site for years about how that needs to be stopped?

If not, then why the hysteria over them trying this?

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Here “thinkingman”, I read the article like the others and it seems pretty clear. Let me help you.

Just read that last sentence a few times. The point of this experiment will be to see how the particles disperse.

It’s right there in the article for anyone willing to read it.

When considering if everything goes wrong in any scenario and the risk exceeds the reward, I do not proceed.

lol - You would never leave the house if that were true. Hell, you’d never get out of bed.

Obviously you weigh things differently than I but I’m glad you got the picture.

why the attitude? all i did was ask the question.

ok so “see how things disperse” in the wind. a total joke waste of an experiment with no good practical application.

I answered your question. I literally wrote answers to your question. you have an interesting debating tactic

you asked and answered your OWN questions.

You know it’s pointless, right?