Harris Faulkner, a class act

Yesterday on FOX news you had Melissa Francis and another left-wing host shutting down Newt Gingrich because he dared to bring up George Soros funding of state attorneys/prosecutors.


Which really turned me off. Newt knows what he’s talking about and to have Melissa Francis to create a condition that Soros name is verboten was outrageous.

So today Harris Faulkner had this to say.

Melissa Francis needs to be fired IMO. There is no place at FOX for her IMO.

Oh Conan, you didn’t watch the link you posted, did you. :rofl:



I watched both multiple times.

Is there something you want to say? Or are you just trolling?

Everyone needs to watch the video Conan provided.

So you agree with what the first video has to say about those who invoke “Soros!”?

Cool. So do I.

Yes, they do. There is some good commentary in the last 4 minutes.


The travesty there is that this yahoo, who ever he is, labels the mention of Soros as an anti Semitic attack on Jews and equates people who do that with 1930s Germany. There is absolutely no doubt that Soros pumps millions into leftist causes … and that has nothing to do with the fact that his heritage (not religious belief) is Jewish. It has to do with Soros’s agenda and actions and nothing else.

Melissa Francis tried to censor Newt…Harris Faulkner said we don’t censor on this show.

What I’m I missing here?

You didn’t watch your whole video.


The commentary is complete nonsense, with no basis in fact.

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Spit it out…

Uh sure. Even Fox is done with that game.

It’s not a game.

If you post a video, you should know what is in it. It’s not my job to point out what is in it. Lol.

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Remember when Fox did this over Soros comments? Pepperidge Farms remembers,


I see what you’re talking about. I didn’t want to post a twitter link so I went to youtube instead.


Defending Soros is disgusting. it’s total denial. He’s a terrorist in 50 different ways. He’s “grandpa” in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Oh boy…


Not terribly subtle, right?