Harris drops out

She just notified her staff. She had a pretty good start, but I guess she really has no chance to win the nom. VEEP?

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Aw shucks.

♫Move aside, let the Bloomberg thru, let the Bloomberg Thru ♫

Not unhappy at all to see her bite the dust. :smile:

Just too many candidates. Time to thin the herd.

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Time to begin clearing out the clown car.


She’ll make a great AG.


I wonder who her supporters will go with now. Most likely with Biden.

Ya the debates are hard to watch cause you can’t get into any depth on issues

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This is no surprise really. Her campaign was a mess.

I wouldn’t make that claim. Her tenure as San Francisco District Attorney left much to be desired.

Maybe under the greater spotlight and scrutiny of the national press she MIGHT perform better. But her past does not portend a stellar performance as AG.


Her first major mistake was going hardcore after Biden in the very first debate.

She’ll make a way better AG than the current cluster ■■■■ we have now…a 1000% better.

Now we just need Warren, Booker and others leaving a Commie, Wall street insider and Buttboy.

Interesting and fun times.

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I would think you would want to set the bar higher. Stating that she is better than so and so is not exactly a stellar recommendation. And frankly she was not that far above being a cluster **** herself as San Francisco District Attorney. Maybe slightly better than the current occupant. VERY slightly better.

Even though she’s my senator, I really believe she is more needed in the Senate Judiciary.

Never got the traction needed for a serious run.


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Damn. I don’t know how she lost her traction exactly, but I really like her.

The biggest phony is gone.

Well, unless hillary jumps in.

And the press never got around to discussing her sleeping her way up the gubmint ladder.

Be real, the biggest phony is in the White House. Harris is just another lame politician. I’m glad she dropped out.