Harris drops out

Back to the Op, I don’t think anyone hitched their wagon to her after the spring, and I respect that she got out now instead of dragging her remaining support with her on a lost cause. The whole experience gained her some clout and she left at a good time.

Didn’t she win an election.

Just Checking.


That ought to help keep the Kid Sniffer leading the way for the left. lol

I guess I should have added him to list.

Old Commie, Wallstreet Insider, Buttboy and kid sniffer.

Fun times.


Him even still being in this race just goes to show how much choice the left doesn’t have in any of this.

They’ll vote as they’re told, and he’s gonna prove it. lol

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Ooh, it’s like a question on Jeopardy!

“Who are three people infinitely more qualified than Donald Trump to be president?”

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Glad to see the herd thinning. I would assume her votes would go to Warren or perhaps Biden.

This is really a race between the centrists Biden/Buttigieg and the Lefties Warren/Sanders. Right now I am giving the Centrists the upper hand for winning the primary.

This reminds me of a song. :sunglasses:

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It really makes me want to see Buttigieg win just so we can see how homophobic Trump’s base is. They really hate the gayzzzzz! (Unless its women).

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Lesbians are way worse. They steal women from the dating pool. Gay guys help clear it up.

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Yeah. Saw this one coming, though I thought she’d hang on for one more week. She was one of those candidates, the more you saw of her, the less you liked her. I read a poll this morning that had her at 2%. The only one lower - didn’t even make the poll in fact - was Booker.

Yeah…which would trigger them more? A gay president or a female?

Yeah man thats a hard coin toss. I’d probably still go with a woman. The polling for women’s approval of Trump is abysmal. Poll: Large majority of women disapprove of Trump's job in office | TheHill

He used to lie about being republican… Outlawed coconut oil in movie popcorn. It’s now considered a superfood by the same people who backed him on outlawing it…

She also did not realize why she got elected… It’s was because republicans didn’t want Loretta Sanchez, and she was the only other name on the Cal ticket.

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Will her 1% support bolster Warren or Booker?

Inquiring armchair oddsmakers need to know.


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Too bad; she was my favorite in the beginning. But her inability to run a campaign shows poor leadership. Good that she’s out.

That’s ok. He’s making it up with support from black voters. :wink:

Trump campaign is pointing out that…


Still in it to win it.


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That would just be beautiful to have her running as an independent. lol