Harris: China is Our Friend, A Mistake

The Biggest Mistake for the debates, which team Biden and Harris did was when the VP debate happened in which Harris proudly stated that China is Our Friend at a time when the Chinese gov failed to prevent the virus from becoming a global pandemic.

On Social Media like YT and elsewhere i had noticed her comment wasn’t very popuarl among moderate Liberals. Biden and Harris appears to be still quiet on the issues of minorities in China alone. Which is troubling.

It shows which direction she and Biden are coming from for sure.

China pretty much owns the Biden family at this point.

If he wins when China says jump Joe will probably ask “HOW HIGH???”

Got a source where Harris says “china is our friend?”

Really? did you not see the debate? Mike Pence was criticizing the Chinese gov for the treatment of other minorities in China while Harris did not a say a word of it.

China also cut the feed when Mike Pence was criticizing China and that really says alot.

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i’m wondering why the gop doesn’t put that on a loop for a commercial

Its a bit of ironic how Harris claimed that Trump embraced Dictators yet Harris and Biden are not criticizing the Chinese Dictator. Harris would also seem to have no issues supporting the Syrian Jihadists though.

Because she never said it.

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They should.

On side note Chinese form of governance is idea situation that libs want to emulate disguised as democracy.

No but she wanst criticizing the Chinese gov either and the Chinese media never cut her feed during the debate.

A throwaway line from a VP debate a week ago. Not saying that the Trump campaign can’t use it … but how many news cycles have passed since then? Feels like eternity since the VP debates (fly!). The problem here is that Trump takes away from his own message. Bad Trump news and good Trump news have a shelf life of about 2 hours, if that.

Harris has no problems supporting the so called moderates in Syria who are mostly Jihadists to judging from the debate either.

Looks Biden hasnt learned anything from his time while he was with Obama and learned nothing from Libya’s mess.

Biden meet the new boss same as the old boss. :roll_eyes:

I saw the debate and I don’t remember Harris stating that “China is our friend”
Do you have a video clip or something?


Once again. The thread title is lying.
Harris never said it

Here is the transcript of the debate. Harris never said Chine is our friend.

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No but she did use.

‘US allies respect Xi Jinping more than they do Trump’: Kamala Harris

Lets be honest most of our allies are mostly liberal leaning.

So creative exegesis?

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Here is the full transcript. Do you care to point out where this occurred for us?

Psst - that is not saying China is our friend. It’s saying Trump is an ■■■■■■■■

You really didn’t understand that?

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