Harris: China is Our Friend, A Mistake

Well there’s that too. :laughing:

Your source doesn’t show where Harris stated that “China is our friend”

FYI, your OP title is literally fake news.

Because it never happened. I guess they could conjure up a deep fake?

Beat me to it. :smiley:

Should’ve group tested this little bit of agitprop before going live.


Well. So much for this thread.


Please point out in the debate transcripts where Kamala Harris said China is our friend.

Or a video link please.

Well to be fair, the OP actually did try to pass this false claim off in the VP Debate thread. And was quickly disabused of the notion by @WorldWatcher then as well. If I were more adept at the search function here, I would link to those posts as proof. But my memory is decent on this one.

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Uh when was this said? I watched the debate and don’t remember it and I definitely would because it’s perfect attack ad fodder.

Put what on a loop? Harris didn’t say “China is our friend”

have someone say it and put it on a loop.

or we could quote her saying “President Xi and I will always be friends”

Wait, that was Trump. Trump: "Xi and I will always be friends" despite trade issues


Biden should put this in his ads.

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This thread isn’t about Trump, it’s about things that Harris didn’t say.


Trump calls China a friend at around the 36 second mark here:

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Everything is projection in Trumplandia.


Not the same thing.

A country who infected the entire planet with COVID-19 is our friend, but Trump is their enemy.

That’s sone twisted liberal logic.

Yeah. Who would say such a thing!

Hahaha omg I love it

China didn’t infect the world. That dubious honor belongs to Italy. As for North America, it’s all Trumplandia now. We’re where it’s endemic.