Happy TDofV day!

Except they are.

Well we have to pretend that Deag Queens just simply show up at schools and are allowed in and read to kids.

That isn’t how any of this goes down.

So if you are fine with parents taking their kids to see drag queens read to them… I am unsure as to what the complaint is.


when you get to the point where you just lie and make ■■■■ up to try and defend the degenerates… maybe you should reconsider.

The parents generally aren’t taking the kids anywhere, this is done during school time and in some cases the parents don’t even know.

here’s a glowing story from CNN describing how they aren’t reading stories, they are proselytizing degeneracy.


here’s another… not reading stories, its a field trip! and parents were NOT informed

and another, no parents notified

and more

None of these even notified parents, never mind “parents bringing thier kids”. And it wasn’t for storytime


The first one looks like they made a mistake because when the event has been previously held there wasn’t a drag performance

The second one was someone talking about not bullying while in drag.


So you found one mistake and one where a drag queen talked to kids about being kind and not bullying.

This is obviously a national crises.

They’re homosexual.

“Parents” are also the people consenting to mutilating children with “gender affirming care.”

Flattery is the last desperate attempt. :rofl:


You slender little boys looked hot for the cameras too. :rofl:

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Man I know I was hot.

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So did all the pedos. :rofl:

Yeah, that would be annoying. Has it ever happened to you? It hasn’t to me.

Zero self awareness.


Trump gives social retards their very permission to exist. :rofl:


Almost all parents are against these deviants being anywhere around their children.

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there are 4 links, none of which notified parents and none were done by “mistake”. I could post dozens more.

Your fairytale about parents taking their kids to storytime is false.


They know what’s going on.

They just don’t want us to know what’s going on.

This is a really good post.

I completely agree.

Lefties have this annoying tendency of assuming that agreement on one slice means they automatically get the whole pie.

Just another example of the inbred reprobation in our culture.

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