Happy Nathan Bedford Forrest Day Everyone!

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has proclaimed tomorrow to be “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day” in commemoration of the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and leader of the Fort Pillow Massacre to be honored in the great State of Tennessee for July 13.

Yes. This is in 2019.

I guess the libs can’t rid the calendar of days I guess.

Looks like racism is still cool in Tennessee.

I will celebrate his day by using the toilet and flushing.



This is great. Exactly what’s needed to energize the base for 2020.

Nothing says Tennessee like a racist governor.


Probably just more Democrats hanging on to their terrible Confederate past, amirite?

Nathan Bedford Forrest is a fascinating historical character because the dude was literally a saturday morning cartoon grade super villain, who escaped certain death multiple times and was one of the most absurdly evil people to ever be a General.

Celebrating his birthday as a holiday is beyond absurd. It’d be like celebrating Cobra Commander day.


Huh, that’s that logical thing to think, but the data doesn’t seem to support it.

Weirdly, and get this, the Governor is a Republican.

And the state house is overwhelmingly Republican - 73-26.

And the State Senate is obscenely Republican - 28-5.

Looks to be the pro Confederate folks are Republicans, strange as it seems.

To be honest, the governor is required to proclaim this day every year, per the legislature.

But really Tennessee? Change the law.

You forgot to add that old Nathan Bedford was also a delegate to the democratic convention in 1868 i believe. :rofl:

Well…isn’t that lovely…

Left: the right are going after women gays and black folk.

Right: the left is playing identity politics! Now let me tell you about how we are gonna let you fire gay people, restrict women’s rights and…AND celebrate racism by honoring known racists…because we believe in freedom…just for us though

Left: watches trump win…and throws hands up in the air…

Snicker…you are what you are and that’s the gop in a nut shell.


Lmao, your last paragraph has made my day. Its so surreal its true.

I will be sure not to vote for any Democrats from the 1860’s


I won’t vote for any in 2019 either.

Ah this stupid gem

And yet the Republican legislature made a day to memorialize the old Klan leader. Huh? Why would that be?

They aren’t the party that are perpetuating really awful things like “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day”

Joe Biden says he could have worked with Nathan. Joe is from a slave state, you know.

I don’t know who voted it in or when.

They may have done it just to spite the far left for all i know.

If so they were successful.