Happy Memorial Day!

What did y’all do to celebrate Memorial Day? I grilled some ribs and thought about how financially well off I am.

I bbq’d too.

Thought I’d post this for all you Lee Greenwood fans. He sang this yesterday.

Amazing. “Celebrate”? “Happy”?

I took my dad to see Solo. Then we went to Lowes to pick up 20 cu ft of wood mulch for my newly planted 4-in-1 apple tree. Best Memorial Day ever.


I’m grilling ribs, too. Then I’m gonna tell folks what a great job I’m doing at work and how the blacks and hispanics there are doing well, too, thanks to me!


hes just using the same words trump used…

Nice! What is a 4 in 1 apple tree?

Like I said in the other thread…it’s putting a thumb in the dike hoping to hold back the flood.

Being sarcastic about a day dedicated to the memory of the fallen to bash Trump is always an honorable tactic.


10 ch

Maybe this is what making America great again looks like.

4 apple trees grafted together as saplings until it forms a single tree. Granny Smith, Gala, Early Summer Red, and Fuji all in one.


Just planted it back in late November. I’m supposed to get a few apples on all four this year, each coming in 4 consecutive months. It flowered nicely a couple of weeks ago and seems to be rooting nicely.

Once the tree has taken permanent root, I plan to bury the portion I have of my buddy’s ashes under it. We used to grab apples off the trees in Afghanistan as we passed through the orchards into a certain nasty place. Best apples we ever had.


That is cool. Both the tree and your plans for it.


I hope not.

Have you seen Jeff Daniels’ monologue called the “most honest 3 and a half minutes in television”?

I think it’s from a movie.

I appreciate that. I’ve gone all out on this tree. The hole I dug out for it is 20x20x24" and I filled it back in with my made-from-scratch organic soil, then laid hefty layers of mycorrhizae cultures about every six inches until it was filled in.

This is my first attempt at growing a tree, but I have a little over a decade of gardening under my belt at this point, and I’m pretty confident that with the right amount of pruning and amending, I’ll have a grand old apple tree before I know it.

Very much looking forward to making my apple wine in the future with actual press apples instead of the seasonal bottled juices at the market.

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It was an HBO series IIRC.

I like your tree.

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Make sure you start the proper pruning of it right away. Don’t let it get established the wrong way. You need to get the lateral branching pattern established. Good luck!


Thank you for that. Late in the fall every year, right?

Anything you have to say about proper tree pruning, I’m new and all ears!

Or is that, wet behind the ears? :thinking:

Sure, why not? Trump wished us all a “Happy Memorial Day”.