Happy Anniversary joe biden! - On Plagiarism, Fake Indians and russian-loving Socialist Wackos

Today marks a big day in history for biden. He dropped out of the presidential race in 1987 following his plagiarism debacle, but in 2008 he was chosen to be obama’s running mate. **(Correction obama chose biden on August 23, 2008)

A man, who 32 years ago, was so bereft of ideas he had to steal from others is today’s dimocrat frontrunner. That’s real pathetic!

But even more pathetic is the fact that a NASTY WOMAN who spent the first 70 years of her life pretending to be something she’s not is right behind him.

Read that once more. A man who dropped out of the race 32 years ago for stealing someone’s words, is neck and neck with a woman who committed a lifelong identity and cutural theft from the country’s indigenous people.

And then there’s bernie. Dude can’t catch a break. First the dnc rigs the system against him in favor of hillary, and then he gives it one more go against the two people who decided to sit it out and give hillary his hard earned spot in 2016.

And all entitled white people to boot.

Is anyone really that surprised about kamala and booker fading though??

Biden is a touchy feely kind of a guy.

Lol mega-dittoes. Amirite?


If only Conservatives cared this much about the past of their own candidates.

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Look at this frothing. Relax, bud, you got him now!

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Well said, these people are freaking Liars and idiots!

What exactly is the point of this thread?

The same point as every other post made by the OP.

Just more hair on fire, frothing at the mouth BDS.

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Call it the Hannity forum frontrunner caucus.

Who do you support?

He REALLY has him now!

Him who? The OP is about 3 people, one of whom is allegedly a NASTY WOMAN. Of course, she’s also allegedly an indian.

Him who?

His name is in your title, genius.

It’s a regurgitation of today’s opening monologue from Rush.



Please don’t stop!