Hannity Says Cohen Was Probably Forced by Prosecutors to Change His Story

There you have it. New talking points are out, and in fine form I might add.

Since when has violating statutes been so difficult for “law and order” types to explain? This is laughable and ridiculous. Cohen tells the truth and Trump lovers are left with this: grasping at straws and vilifying those who serve our country.

Our gracious host should be embarrassed.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.


I’m anxious to see how this is justified. Hannity goes on to gripe that this investigation went too far afield from Russian collusion, this painting Cohen as a victim. Dude. He committed crimes! Are we now to believe that anyone doing anything illegal in Trump’s orbit should get a pass merely on the basis of their association with him?

Law and order my ass.


“Law and order” is just a campaign slogan to these people.

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I listened to the first few minutes of it. He kept saying “No Russian collusion” as if that was all this was about. And he admitted the campaign violations but was sure to add the word “minor” before each one and then say “others have done worse.” Well, “others” aren’t the President and others didn’t make those payments to keep the names of women he had sex with out of the papers.


Truly. It doesn’t matter who one knows or from what party they hail, if they commit crimes, they should face the consequences.

I don’t get the sense Trump’s faithful think that though. At his rally today, at the mention of Hillary, shouts of “lock her up!” were heard. Oh, the irony and the stupidity.


Yeah. Can we get past the “others have done much worse” mantra? Crimes are crimes.


Deflection at its best!!!

I love the tweet from Cohen that someone posted earlier where he predicts Hillary’s impending incarceration. Oh, the irony!

I thought the same thing as Hannity. Of course it’s true. This is a witch hunt for Trump.

It’s all that’s left.

A witch hunt that keeps finding real, actual witches. Trump isn’t a criminal, he just surrounds himself with them, I guess.


It’s not so much a witch hunt as wack-a-mole :hamster: :hammer:



Wouldn’t prosecutors forcing Cohen to change his testimony to that which is more damning to Trump, potentially reduce Cohen’s chances at a pardon?

He ruined his chances for a pardon a month or so ago.

Or someone keeps finding criminal activity surrounding him.

I guess one’s opinion can be based solely on indoctrination. That seems to be the case with some posters here.

Or logic and experience in the real world.

Yep. Telling the truth was his death knell. Trump hates the truth and considers one disloyal if they engage in any sort of honesty.

Real world of what? Alternate facts? The ambiguities of the truth? Gimme a break.

Tonight’s show was amazing, in a variety of ways.