Hannity interviews James O'Keefe

I mean kudos for not hiding your victim blaming I guess?

I’m amazed that tnt considers anyone on the left wing media a journalist.

If you aren’t a democrat party propagandist then you aren’t a journalist. :roll_eyes:

The speed at which those pics of the females in Trump’s family got posted indicated saved folders.

Aside from the grossness, it sure is embarrassing. He’s a kid sniffer after all. :man_shrugging:

Like the one he lost against moveon.org when he had to give up his uncut film?

Which showed how much he manipulated that story?

That lawsuit?

There are very good left wing journalists, they are our ally’s now. But they left corporate media for sub stack and patreon and blockchains and exile. You can’t trust any corporate media, left or right. They are under government control.

When the lawsuit is presided over by the same people connected to the corruption and disgust O’Keefe exposed—it only is described as political and judicial persecution.

Yes…that “one”.

I can’t think of any myself. They are for the most part democrat party propagandists.