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The dark theme is as startling as the default. It would be nice to have a compromise between the two.

Try pink. lol

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LOL I’m more of a beige kind of guy. :wink:

Pink, gray, beige. Meh. The internet can look however you want it to without having to know a thing about coding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sometimes you want to break down quote into sections to address various points. It works rather simply in the old forum, and most other forum software by simply using [quote] and [/quote] to enclosed the various sections. Not so simple as I have discovered. But you can break a quote into sections, just not as easily.

The key is the opening [quote] tag. By itself, it does not seem to do anything. So it needs all of the information to work properly. I will use the opening post as an example.

The original, works fine. What happens then if I try to break it up for using form [quote][/quote] tags? Junk!

So there seems to be only one way you can accomplish the task of breaking down a quote into multiple parts.

  1. Highlight each part of the original post and click “quote” as needed.

Well I already screwed that up with a new thread, but OK. Next section

Works. Not ideal, but it works.

In these really long threads, how can I jump either to the first post, or the last post?

I’ve just been scrolling up or down, but the scrolling only moves about 12 posts at a time, which makes it insane when you are at post 450, and you are trying to get to post 1, or post 800.

Click on the post count, it will bring up a jump to box or you can use the slide on the right to scroll.



Also, too, the date/hrs at the top and bottom are links to the first and last posts, respectively.


[quote=“Airyaman, post:45, topic:184”]
Sometimes you want to break down quote into sections to address various points. [/quote]

I left the closing quote tag above on the same line as the text for an example. If I had put it on a newline, it would have displayed the text quoted as expected.

If you want to break up a large post into separate quoted sections manually, you just can’t leave the opening or closing quote tags on the same line as text. It doesn’t necessarily need the information.

You can use =xxxxxx to include who or what you’re posting [quote=some poster] is what I used in the first manual quoted section.

Just make sure that you put the opening and closing quote tags on their own lines if you’re splitting a quote manually.

If I were doing a very large post, I might copy the stacked closing and opening tags and then just paste them at each section break. I used () instead of [] below to prevent execution.

It just occurred to me as I pondered why the [quote] tags in the last quoted section wasn’t messing the rest of the quotes up, that the newline requirement is maybe by design so that we can discuss code without using the [code] tags.

No edit function?

C’mon, this is the 21st century.

If you type a question mark ? on any page (just while you’re looking at the page), it will bring up a list of shortcuts like the one below:

Header 1 put - on the line below your header text or #+space before it.

Header 2 put = on the line below your text or ##+space before it.

How do I un-Track a thread?

Does table text work?

tableheader tableheader
test test 2
row 2 cell 1 row 2 cell 2>


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No spreadsheets!!! 3 month ban!!


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