The Dark theme is beautiful

…and i have a couple of suggestions that could improve it a bit.

-In some monitors the “Search” and the “Hamburger” menu on the top right corner are barely visible. A color change of these buttons could help.
-I suggest the same for the “Hannity” on the top left corner.


Can I ask you how you did this?

go to Preferences->Interface->Theme

i always try to use dark themes, they are easier for the eyes…

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Got it, It’s easier when sun is shining through window as well.


Must not be an option in mobile. I don’t see interface.

I found it

I like the dark a lot better. Thanks!

I’m still trying to find Preferences. Must be blind.

And of course the second I post this I find it. :wink:

For those coming after it’s under Account.

Oh wow, that’s so much nicer. Big fan of the dark layout, thanks guys!

I had missed the darker theme option on the other forum. Perhaps this new place isn’t completely terrible after all.

Dark interface is so much better on the eyes.

I use the same theme on my Kindle. Makes reading at night much easier on the eyes.

It would be nice if the dark theme was the default, in case you are just reading and not logged on.

Nope…nope…nope… .

Just make sure you save your changes.

A nice subdued gray looks pretty good too.