Haley Stevens - D Michiganstan - Whackjob

Where the hell are you libs finding these whack jobs?

What happen with the video…it went poof while watching. Did youtube thought that was unacceptable…did it make a lib look bad so they banned it?

How does that go again?

“Respect!” Yeah that’s it.

Join us in the tea party thread where the right is praising the principles of a certain tea partier

Where are they by the way with two trillion on the line.

Had to post a different (shorter) video.

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Righteous Indignation! I am WOMAN, hear me whine!


Maybe she’s auditioning for a spot on the Squat?


I blame her instructor.



Ah the blaze…

So The Blaze faked the video?

Good odds he never even watched it.

Sucker bet

Worth a try. :joy: I gotz bills to pay and schools are closed so… a little extra coin would be sweet.

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Well yeah. I am nowhere near any high horses. I know what i posted. Do you?

WhacK Job?

What did she say that you do not agree with?

Sure…she should have yielded her time back.,…but these are some crazy times.

I appreciate her passion. I do not condone her breaking the rules.

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Most likely…

Cool, so as long you’re passionate it’s all good.

Good Lord. The Gentle lady is a mental lady. Find her a nice comfy padded room. :woozy_face:


The blaze made her do it! That damned Glen Beck! Good God man. You’ve said some funny stuff before, but this is AWESOME! :grin: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Are you reading skills OK?

I do not condone her breaking the rules.

Whats did she say that you object to?

There is a tea party guy who was passionate. Like 5 mins ago.