GW...nah..nothing to worry about

Apparently nothing.

We can do nothing about the problem.

Ok then. Nothing practical at all?

Actually the US has been reducing our emission of CO2. Here’s the real question, which I asked earlier, what level of CO2 reduction is needed to make a significant impact on reversing the effects of climate change; when will we see the results; and what will they be? Shouldn’t we know what the future results will be and when they will occur?

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Die before it gets bad and congratulate oneself that we were able to live in the brief period of human history where we got all the benefits of burning fossil fuels and did not have to pay the full costs.

The world could reduce emissions to zero and profit warming will still happen.

I am intrigued by thinking that has shifted from it not being real to we have to wait for the rest of the world to act.

This ^ is what you’re doing??

At least there is less denial than in the past.

I guess that’s progress.

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There is less denial. We have just moved on to that there is nothing that we can do.

It is just as effective.

American spirit has been destroyed by for profit political ideology.

What a shame.


Of course not because human brains evolved to heavily discount the future in favor of the now.

To notice immediate foreground changes while not seeing slow background changes.

The mental model has not yet been built that favors making changes now for benefits to accrue to others in the future.

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Well, look at it this way, where I live, Winters are getting milder and summers are getting wetter. Michigan is turning out to be a really great place to live. Plus, we are surrounded by fresh water, with big deep lakes.

Not a bad place to live at the moment! Heck if this continues our Winters might be a walk in the park in the future!

careful what you wish for, if you are

these similar weather patterns led to the Plague in 1300’s europe

And I just go by the golden rule of real estate.

Location, location, location. Fresh water is nice.

We should always be looking for ways to be more efficient and sustainable. Not fanatical.

Makes it worse when it’s true.

We won’t act because we cannot build the motivational model to act.

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What horse hockey.

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We are acting.

stupid evil profit!

The only fanatical position is that Global Climate change isn’t happening and is a liberal hoax.

What is short term profit if long term costs are higher?