GW...nah..nothing to worry about

Across the Western United States, a summer of record-breaking drought, heat waves and megafires exacerbated by climate change is forcing millions of people to confront an inescapable string of disasters that challenge the future of growth.

Groundwater and streams vital both to farmers and cities are drying up. Fires devour houses being built deeper into wild regions and forests. Extreme heat makes working outdoors more dangerous and life without air-conditioning potentially deadly. While summer monsoon rains have brought some recent relief to the Southwest, 99.9 percent of Utah is locked in severe drought conditions and reservoirs are less than half full.

drill baby drill.

Dammit China!

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Damm those Asian countries!

China is ■■■■■■■■ on everyone’s parade and no one can do nothing but watch or ignore. Whether it’s stealing technology, stealing intellectual property, threatening their neighbors, have millions in concentration camps, Frankenstein’s funky covid leak lab, or frying the planet with emissions they are the big middle finger to western liberal society.

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Here’s a question. What level of CO2 reduction is needed to make a significant impact on reversing the effects of climate change; when will we see the results; and what will they be?

Asia is definitely giving a lot these days in turns of being green, the biggest plastic polluter Indonesia right behind China. Imagine swimming down this river.


You can’t anyone can see with a little research who is making cuts and who is building new coal fired plants frying the planet. The west has been cutting for 20 years, A quick trip to illustrate this on carbon brief website.

Colors charts meanings
Yellow - Operating coal plants
Orange - Newly built coal plants
Purple - Upcoming coal plants
White - Closed coal plants

Year 2000 ----- The west is a big problem

Year 2019 — Major cuts in coal plants in the west, the white shows all major coal plants that have been shut down. Here we can see who is frying the planet while we blame ourselves.

Upcoming new coal plants being built 2021 and beyond. Purple are the new coal plants coming online per country.

In summary talk to countries in Asia about emissions. It made since point the fingers at us until around 2005 now China, India and others are laughing their way down the coal chimneys. They put their signatures on the Paris Climate treaty one can their signature isn’t worth the price of the ink.

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The Paris Climate Accord is nothing but a feel good thing to appease the hard-core greenies.


Well good to know that there is nothing that we can do.

Here’s another question … If the US cut it’s CO2 emissions to zero, what impact would it have on reducing global warming?

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Not entirely. Not even the primary purpose. The Paris Accord was designed to make the US pay other countries to reduce their emissions of CO2 with no consequences if they fail to do so.

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Maybe allowing a few more million illegals across the border can fix it.


That’s the thing about Climate Science, as far as I can see it has little to no predictive ability.

Doesn’t seem like there’s consistent worldwide concern does it?

Mexico too!

Cancel your subscription.


And we shouldn’t do anything until there is I guess.

So there is nothing that we can do about it.

What would you do?