GW...nah..nothing to worry about

To be fair there’s not a professional Climate Scientist who could answer this question either. As indicated before the predictive nature of this area of science is very speculative.

But there are libs in this thread saying that if you haven’t found the answer, you haven’t been looking very hard. :man_shrugging:

How about forming a partnership with other countries to force china to live up to accepted standards?

Is that what Biden doing?

Just a thought.

It’s not a bad idea

That’s not exactly true. While the accuracy of the predictions may be debatable, the calculation is relatively simple. Here is a quick and easy on-line calculator that estimates global temperature in direct relation to atmospheric CO2:

Now that does not answer my question, but it does demonstrate that the answer can be derived. There used to be an online calculator (which I cannot find anymore) that allowed you to enter reductions of CO2 emissions in set percentages up to 100% for industrialized countries worldwide and/or for the US alone, which would the predict the effect that would have on global temperature by 2050 and 2100. It was available several years ago, and thus did not take into account the massive buildup of coal fired generators in India and China, so it’s accuracy today would be more questionable. (That may be why I can no longer find it.) To the best of my recollection though, the effect on temperature of reducing US CO2 emissions by 100% while doing nothing about the rest of the world’s emissions, was a reduction of around 0.05 degrees C by the end of the Century. Given China’s (in particular) massive unbuild of coal power plants, that effect would undoubtedly be much smaller.

I would expect that should be something the UN would do.

I’m not sure the UN has enough of a stick to hold over their head. What will they threaten them with?

All that matters is profits, it has become benifical for companies to become parasites and drain taxpayer reasources, patriotism is dead.


You’re pointing out an example of why the UN is a worthless organization.

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But maybe a group who could threaten trade with china would do better.

I vote for leaving the UN entirely and forming our own group such as what you propose.

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Don’t we know now that increases in CO2 have not led to consistently rising temperatures? Wasn’t there also a point when the earth entered a cooling phase?

CO2 is by no means the only factor affecting global temperature, but it certainly is one of them.

I don’t know about leaving the UN, but we should defiantly be forming a TPP-like coalition. If there are real concerns with the TPP, then address them and fix them. I don’t remember the specifics, but we need something like it for sure.