Gunman Opens Fire in Oklahoma City Restaurant 3 Injured, 1 Dead

I predict you will be giving more in the next decade… More and more people are seeing through the false arguments, diversions, distractions from the gun crowd… These times are changin…

Keep dreaming.

Liberal Logic:

Problem: The mental health system is a joke!

Solution: Ban Guns!!!


You should have learned long ago not to expect sanity or rationality when this subject comes up, at least not from the left.

There is none of that and it’s not trending your way.

I was at Winchester Gun Range in Ft. Worth Sunday with a class. Super busy day and conservatively 85% of those in attendance were black or hispanic and over half were female.

There’s a trend alright but not in the direction she’s hoping for.

Imagine that… taking a sample at a gun range… LMAO…

They’re practicing. Where else would you take it?

where else exactly would you expect to find new shooters honing their skills and learning new weapons?

How about the adults in the school man up and protect them instead? Oh right, that’s not allowed, it might cut down the body count and hurt the effort to strip Americans of their right to self defense.

It takes both.