Gunman Opens Fire in Oklahoma City Restaurant 3 Injured, 1 Dead

What effect did that cut have on the shooter in this case exactly?

“It doesn’t look like he knew anybody at the restaurant,” Mathews said, adding that Tilghman had no known history of mental illness and appears to have acted alone. The motive remains unknown.

Sometimes you don’t have to look very hard to find the answer. You do however have to look.

And yet he still had access to firearms… hell, even a CLEET certification as an armed security guard… If this shooting last night had ended with responding officers killing him, this story wouldn’t have been posted… The REAL issue is how easy it is for the mentally ill to get access to firearms but the “narrative” being promoted is about the two citizens killing him… By the way, I fully support them killing him and think they likely prevented more injuries/deaths… I have no problem with them at all… What I object to is the continued easy access of the mentally ill to firearms…

Dude. Dude. Due Process.

Access to firearms trumps everything. Some dude could be minutes away from being declared unfit, buy a gun and kill a two thousand 2 yos and the pro-2nd guys will still argue that it was legal. They just don’t want to give an inch. Well, unless it was their own 2yo.

It’s just the way it is. And why there is no fix. And why mass shootings and 26 firearm homicides will continue daily.

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One more vote from the “Bill of Rights sucks” crowd.

Let’s just burn the whole damned thing, how bout it?

Bad day? Didn’t have much time to relish in this story before another school shooting trumped the news… Sorry…

I’m having a fine day. So shall we burn the whole thing or just the parts you don’t like?

Must not have school age kids then…

I train kids and adults how to deal with such events.

How is a middle school student supposed to “deal with such events”?

Depends on the exact circumstances. Bring your kids and attend a class.

Come on, give us a little hint… Outside of the active shooter training that all kids in the US now undergo (I know it makes me proud when a kindergartner can explain how to barricade in place… ) what extra training do you provide?

If you’ve read my posts on the subject in the past you’ve already been given a pretty good preview.

Why are you holding out on us? Come on, educate us on what the kindergartners at Sandy Hook should have done better…

and think they’re supposed to always keep a hole in their clay art project so they can see everyone around them.

They shouldn’t have been cowering in the open hoping not to get shot.

Do you fault the kindergartners personally? When should we start this training? Pre-K? I know, let’s make it part of their well checks… They will have to demonstrate active shooter proficiency or they fail… LOL… You make a FINE spokesman for the NRA… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I fault those responsible for putting their school emergency plans together.

If he’s minutes away he hasn’t been adjudicated has he?

You must be out of your mind. We’ve given miles.