Gun resembling Lego toy sparks backlash in US

Culper Precision said its customised Glock weapon, named Block19, was developed to “highlight the pure enjoyment of the shooting sports”.

I think it is.

Then it’s not a toy.

Correct. It’s a gun .

So when a trigger is pulled a projectile does not come out the front of it?

If it is a gun it does. If it is a gun it’s not a toy.

It is a gun.

Ok then, problem solved.

So then it is a dumb gun.

No such thing.

A for real gun that looks like a toy is a dumb gun.

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Are firearms to be treated as toys?

There’s no purpose for this weapon to exist. This isn’t dissimilar to open carry advocates showing up in Walmarts with an AK strapped to their back - just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. It doesn’t rally anybody to second amendment rights and only serves to drive a bigger wedge into the divide.

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Is it being “treated” as a toy?


I get this need to be contrarian about every single little thing but c’mon…. Making a firearm resemble a toy is really really stupid.

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How is it being treated as a toy by whom?

It added that the firearm could only be purchased by those legally permitted to own a gun.

You don’t like the way it looks and want to ban it?

If one can ban toys that look like guns… having the opposite be true shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Would you buy one of these things?

Anyone remember playing with cap guns as a kid?

I was surprised to see that they are still on sale:


Banning anything is a big deal in a republic.

No, it’s ugly. I don’t own ugly guns.

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