Gun resembling Lego toy sparks backlash in US

What could go wrong?

A child improperly getting hands on it because parents are stupid not because guns are bad?


Guns and toys don’t mix.

A bad idea.

LEGO won’t like it and will file suit.

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What a dumb gun.

First of all in a lot of instances guns are used for recreation. Though not toys per se pretty damn close

Second of all there is nothing wrong with kids using guns in a safe environment.

Are pink guns wrong?

It is illegal in the US to produce a children’s toy that precisely resembles a real gun, but the laws do not explicitly prevent manufacturers from making a gun that resembles a toy.


Toy guns have (or should have) markings that make them easily identified as toys so that LEOs won’t mistakenly shoot someone playing with a toy.

If we make operational guns that look like toys, LEO confidence in identifying a toy versus a real gun will be compromised, if not shattered.


Oh man, that’s the scariest looking lego I’ve ever seen. :rofl:


Shannon Watts


Huh, since when?

It added that the firearm could only be purchased by those legally permitted to own a gun.

From the OP link.

Given the state of the police in this country, “GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!” is probably not a good idea.

Can you provide this law please

Guns and alcohol don’t mix either.

Looks inviting to an infantile mind.

I don’t like it.

This was my thought…let alone kids might think guns are even more toys than they already do,

Thank you.

It was in the article- I assume it’s true.

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It’s not a gun.

Does it go pew pew?