Gun deaths vs other deaths, redux

I can’t find my original thread on this subject.

Here, I’d like to post news articles of people killed via gun, versus those killed by other means.

So…latest one, some kid stood up to a bully.

Bully decided to shoot him dead.

Woman stabbed to death by her boyfriend. Caught a couple blocks away.

Gotta ban those knives right?

Wow never heard that one before

Maybe we need to ban Hammers?

“Both died from blunt force trauma. The weapon used was a hammer,” Boehm said. “Both people were killed with a hammer … multiple blows with a hammer.”

The couple’s two cats and two dogs had also been violently killed, officials said.

Their adult son is missing. Most likely the burned body they found in the garage.

Wow, on a roll!

Some guy died of heart attack better ban hearts amirite

Na, you can’t kill someone with a smile

But you can strangle them with a power cord. Better ban those as well.

A Provo man who strangled a neighbor woman with a power cord after his release from prison in 2014 has been ordered to life in prison without the possibility of parol


True. I guess liberals just never realized that people are killed without the involvement of guns. Have you thought about spreading this enlightening news?

The only defense vs a bad guy with a power cord is a good guy with a power cord.

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You ever hunt deer with a power cord? Precooks em too

We all know where this thread is going to go.

Guns bad.
Guns kill people
Guns need to be banned.

Well, we definitely didn’t expect to talk about the dangers of power cords

You sure about that?

It’s the means by witch a person was killed (you know rp puts up an article about guns and then mentions other means).

Looke like I’m right on topic to me.

Just because something is technically on topic doesn’t mean it’s expected or meaningful.

I could probably find an article of someone dying from a rare form of bacteria. What, you want to ban bacteria?

See. On topic. Meaningless.

Was the rare bacteria purposly given to the person who died?

If not, then it’s not what this thread is about.

Try again.

Wrong. OP never mentions purpose or more than one person’s involvement.

Now back on topic. Tell us how and why we should be concerned about power cords

If you go by that then, the larges killer of all is illness and natural death.

Not sure how we are going to stop that.

Oh ok. It’s almost like you’re saying some examples are meaningless to the thread topic.

The topic is clear. Trust me. My examples are right on topic.

Yugely on topic. Maybe the most on topic of any posts ever. :wink: