Guiliani's apartment searched

search warrant concerns his possible criminal dealing in ukraine.
looks like he really needed a pardon from his boss…

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this will be labeled as a “political hit job” by Giuliani defenders regardless of how guilty he is.


To my follow repugs…this is how it’s done. Remember this next time you gain power. Use our goverment agencies to go after your political opponents…and go after them hard.


They were likely looking for the Hunter Biden laptop that never got picked up from the repair shop.

He probably does still have it.

Holy moley. If true, that’s a shame. What a fall: America’s mayor to Trump stooge, conspiracy peddler, and crook.

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It certainly helps if your political opponent is a crook.

■■■■ before that he was a federal prosecutor involved in one of the biggest police corruption prosecutions and the single biggest organized crime prosecution in American history.

Now he’s a crook. Wild.

Seems little racist don’t you think?

This is why you guys should never claim you understand what memes are.


Right…Tommy the meme master.

told ya…

Well, as the man said: everything Trump touches dies

It is now being reported that they also searched his office on Park Ave.

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It begins…

You got him now!!

Too late

You (c) are just pissed that the Trump camp hitched up with amateur crooks, gotta blame everyone else to avoid admiting being duped.

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If he had just laid low after 9/11 and behaved in a dignified way, he would have had bridges and high schools named after him. Look at him now. Everything Trump touches dies. Name one person who came out of that administration who is better off than before.


I’m surprised Trump didn’t pardon him.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Whatever you say