Guess when Rosenstein's termination date

Given the breaking news that he suggested secretly recording Trump in 2017 I give it 24 hours, Monday at the latest

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What? Link…don’t leave a guy hanging…

He might make the end of the day today. Maybe Sean will strongly demand his firing on his radio show today?

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What he said!

With added exclamation mark!

This is going to get ugly.


Would hep if their is some information…and I thought I was bad about giving it out.

On now.

Originally reported

That’s not treason

It’s still breaking (NYT). I saw it on CNN

Trump will see it as disloyalty. He’s gone by EOD.

Remind me never to ask you to make dinner…omg I saw food today at the market! Did you get any?no it was just awesome


Do you actually have the The Weasel comments?

Well yeah…par the course and now his faithful will run with it

My unproven, but full of support conspiracy theory is that Maggie Haberman and Mike Schmidt are full of â– â– â– â–  and cover for Trump regularly.

Big fat grains of salt necessary for all of their reporting.

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Even if true it makes sense to record him since he cant be honest about ■■■■…

Won’t matter if it’s true or not. Trump will use the story from the “failing NYT” as a pretense to fire Rosenstein so he can finally take command of the Mueller investigation.

Mike and Maggie regularily give known liars like SHS and Rudy space for “anonymous” statements.

Which if the sourcing for this is similar to their history, I’d say we’re looking at a pretense, true or not, to fire up the saturday night massacre machine.