Guess what happens when your political party declares war on police?

The police tell you to go to hell. :grin:

Every County Sheriff in L.A. Region Declines to Enforce Gavin Newsom’s Coronavirus Curfew (


They win the presidency.


Cheat and steal and lie to office.

Suckers and losers.

250,000 deaths.

Our economy and foreign policy is about to fall apart.


No, it’s more like they have better things to do than enforce universal curfews.

Let’s try something new. Instead of making stupid laws that even libs admit are extreme and unenforceable, let’s just map out guidelines to live by. Then just have the leaders actually model these ‘safe’ practices and see if we get everyone onboard to doing this for once.

Who knows, it might actually work.


I’d say that was more about getting Trump out of office, as evidenced by democrats poor performance in down ballot races, which I think had a LOT to do with the defund the police movement. If not for the rioting and defund the police stuff after the George Floyd murder, the democrats coulda had sweeping victories all around, they had the momentum.

I like it. Perhaps we could start with honesty and asking nicely.

Every time every single time. And yet none if it happens.

You guys are worse than miss Cleo.

That’s cool. Too bad doctors aren’t able to tell covidians to go to hell when they show up sick.

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You would be right i believe. Nothing to disagree with.

They won the presidency though.

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They can’t keep them from getting sick either, nobody can.

This virus will run it’s course through the population no matter what we do until we attain herd immunity either through exposure or vaccination.


Ah, well then by all means, lick windows.


It’s not a question whether it will run its course through the population. That much is true including your point about vaccination and her immunity. It’s how much of the population.

Don’t forget the Trump Superspreaders.

To attain herd immunity it has to run through 75-85% of the population or a combination of vaccination and exposure up to the same percentages.

@Ben_Natuf disagrees based on what went down in Brazil.

I don’t really care, the science is indisputable.

I am not defending but indisputable? Are you sure because science also has said 40 percent.

You should have read your own cited article. It doesn’t dispute what is necessary to achieve herd immunity.

We don’t have a heterogenous population and people in the US are very active and often still working well into their sixties which has them in most cases traveling quite a bit at least locally.

My first sentence is that i am not defending. I agree with you. I am only questioning the indisputable adjective

I don’t think it’s indisputable. I think nobody knows.

Since we have decades of hard numbers no, it isn’t disputable.

They model a scenario that is impossible in the real world and make claims based on that model that cannot be even related to the real world.