Guess what happens when your political party declares war on police?

I agree. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be contrarian, i wanted to know what the basis for your point was. I still think we can guess at what heard immunity is. It is however an educated guess as your post clearly states.

What about on a local level? Let’s say in places like wyoming or Montana? Is there enough of a homogenous population in those states to reduce the necessary herd immunity percentage?

No it isn’t, we have decades of hard data showing what it takes.

You start getting some benefit around 40%, but you don’t have full herd immunity until reaching the 85-95% threshold.

That is why even a handful of anti vaxxer lunatics risk widespread resurgence of diseases we thought we had “cured”.

Vaccines are not 100% effective, at best they are generally 75-85% effective at preventing those vaccinated from ever reaching a high enough level of infection to either become clinically ill themselves or to spread the disease.

Thus we’re already starting out well below 100% protection even with 100% vaccination.

The same is true with actual exposure to these diseases, not everyone will develop strong immunity to the disease after being exposed.

One way or another you have to reach that 85-95% threshold to stop the spread of viral contagions or else put everyone into long term absolute quarantines except for those deemed most vital to keeping the rest alive.

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Americans desperately trying to manufacture a reality where they like the police.

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Bam. There are no “experts” in this pandemic and that’s been proven by how wrong the experts have been.

What a country.

And keep the house. And gain in the senate.


They are necessary. “Like” or “dislike” is irrelevant.

When they follow the Constitution and respect citizen rights, they are tolerable.

It’s not their fault legislatures and the judiciary have written laws that allow them to do otherwise and do not hold them accountable.

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Covidians? Shaming the sick are we now?


They don’t follow the Constitution and they are not necessary.

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I’m cool with it, as long as you don’t try to lock me up for handling my business.

Oh please.