Guess he has just given up with the whole Mexico will pay for the the shtick

So what’s the Trumpsplination of what he really meant by saying Mexico will pay for the wall?

Mexico hasn’t allocated money for the wall. How are our congresspeople supposed to put that money into the budget when Mexico isn’t doing it’s job? Donald Trump should fire the government of Mexico for their incompetence.


Has anyone told Mr. Trump that our Senate cannot legislate when Mexico sends us the check for the wall?


We could always annex parts of Mexico to pay for the wall. As an added bonus, the more we annex, the shorter the wall has to be.


Can we annex Cancun and designate it as a free vacation spot for Americans?

Maybe? I mean, we can do whatever the ■■■■ we want. It has strategic value too. I also think we’d have a good shot at taking the entirety of Baja California.

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he’s a liar.

And water is wet, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water.

Trump will pay us back for the wall at a later date.
just not sure on the date.

He wanted to hear you whine. That"s all.

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Said a random citizen about a random politician.

Dont worry

Taking it? Hell they would probably give it to us.

His words make sense to a person with the ability to understand context.

That there is funny!

The answer is five letters.

Build the wall and the savings alone from the money tax payers will not have to spend on illegal aliens, will pay for the wall every year there after.

But that’s not what Trump campaigned on.

Am curious, has any Senator or Congressperson campaigned on Mexico paying for the wall for this mid-term election?

If Trump were not the POTUS, the wall would not even be being discussed. Build the wall.