Group of House Republicans file articles of impeachment --- against Rod Rosenstein

No it really wont…you lack the observation of what your party does…this will backfire…you’ll see…

He is the head of a active investigation.

It’s sad that so many fall for,this empty theater.

If Freedom Caucus dummies really believe Rosenstein is holding back documents and information, then they’re,supposed,to subpoena them. Then if he doesn’t put out, the House votes on contempt, if that passes then it gets referred to to the DC US Attorney who takes it before a grand jury.

They know,that would be a big face plant. This is for the rubes who want SOMEBODY to DO SOMETHING to,derail the investigations into the President. Odds are this never comes up for a vote. If it does, not likely to pass the House, and then definitely won’t pass in the Senate.

Rod “The Man” Rosenstein will still be there when Gym Jordan is fighting for his political survival.


What will be interesting is how long will Ryan let this go on?

Yep this is the political equivalent of Gym Jordan yelling squirrel.

I’m not surprised you can’t see it.

GOP Trump loving swamp dwelling bottom feeders upchuck articles of impeachment against Rosenstein?

Color me surprised.


I’m not surprised you couldn’t answer it.

This is a move to get the DOJ to quit stonewalling and making unnecessary redactions to hide their own embarrassing material and incompetence.

Sessions needs to grow a pair and order them to cease and desist and failing that Trump needs to order it all declassified and produced immediately.

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This will go about as well as the Benghazi hearings.

And conservatives will be shocked, shocked that it was all a political stunt.


Yeah! More symbolic votes!

How about they try to repeal Obamacare for the 62nd time?

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Hollow gesture with the sole goal of appeasing Trumpwits, hopeless partisans, and other assorted morons.

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Must be an election year or something…

Who else can we impeach?

No she didn’t.

So a blatant GOP political move wasn’t obvious to you. Color me shocked.

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It may be but they had to do something. The DoJ is not complying after many, many requests to provide documents and Congress is the oversight of them…period. Then what they do provide after many delays…is mostly redacted.

Now that Russian collusion has almost completely fizzled out, it’s being revamped as “obstruction” and firing Comey was for that purpose. Who wrote the document to fire Comey? Rosenstein must now recuse himself and hasn’t done so. It’s time to go and he can do it voluntarily or the hard way. This is the hard way but it needs to happen.

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Agreed. Utter kabuki tripe. There is no there there. Nobody’s going to impeach him, he’s one of the Guardians of our 'Mocracy!

One factor in the equation that’s changed and hopefully has added some backbone, is Mark Meadows.

Censure is more appropriate, but unlikely to get any attention.

I don’t see anything of substance happening from, or to, Rosie the political crime hound.