Group of House Republicans file articles of impeachment --- against Rod Rosenstein

Eleven House Republicans have introduced articles of impeachment on Rod Rosenstein, reports Bloomberg News. The Republicans say it’s because he hasn’t’ been prompt enough in providing documents. There’s been no word on whether there will be a vote.

Very stupid move.

Why is it a stupid move?

They’re going to be embarrassed.

Lets put this into perspective.

So far, the DOJ officials say they have given lawmakers access to 880,000 pages they’ve requested, and they continue to accept requests for new information related to House GOP probes.

Meanwhile Trump gave Mueller investigation something like 1.2 million documents in 3 months.

Only thing wrong with this is, Trump should have had him pack his bags and follow Comey out the damn door!

If this is being done in an attempt to shut down the Mueller investigation, I believe it will be looked upon as obstruction of justice.

Wish in one hand and ■■■■ in the other, see which one fills up faster. By the way, how is the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause doing?

Before or after he retroactively used Rosenstein memo as cover for firing Comey?

GOP Congressmen file articles of impeachment against the DAG, whom the GOP POTUS hasn’t seen fit to fire. Interesting.

This won’t end well for the gop

Long, long, Over due!!! :sunglasses::+1::+1:

How so? The house is impeaching him not President Trump. Oops. :+1:

And Gym Jordan is one of the sponsors. Just perfect.


This will end GREAT for the GOP. This is what their constituency has been demanding from them, GROW SOME!!

Has Jim Jordan yet explained, why…as a mandatory reporter…he never reported that team doctor at Ohio State?

Rod “The Man” Rosenstein will beat these nitwits down.

These guys are like having Breitbart or Free Republic commenters elected to Congress.


I would love to see it brought up that why would someone get to be a congressman when they committed a crime by not reporting a possible case of child molestation when they are a manatory reporter as a coach.

As opposed to the Democratic Underground Democrats.

What about them?

You misspelled “us”.

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