Greece wants "A wall in the sea."

And can you blame them? What person in their right mind wants to trade a life of free expression to a life of oppression? Who on Earth would want to live in a country or area dominated by Islam? Good luck to them. The genie is out of the bottle. It’s going to be an uphill fight.

They can call it the “Jesus Catcher”.


Sorry dude. You kinda whiffed on this one. I’ve been to the Greek Isles. They are not loaded with fundamental Christians. You don’t have to be Christian to not want to be dominated by Islam. When was the last time you went to a beach and saw a bunch of Christians wearing half a bikini or no bikini at all?

With all due respect, your thought process is a little jacked up here.

I simply don’t share your hostility toward refugees :man_shrugging:

I don’t think it is a good situation for anyone.

This is your second unforced error in as many posts. Not a good record.

You may want to start asking questions before you rush to judgement. That way you won’t have to assume. The Greeks are not asking my opinion. They are doing this without me. You did not ask me if I were hostile toward refugees. Why? Because you don’t want to know. If you did you would ask. I have an opinion, and you have no clue what it is. You will not ask So I will ask you:

If you were living in a peaceful, free, low populated paradise, would your quality of life go up or down after being over run by several hundred thousands third world Muslims? The Greeks already know this answer. They are living it.

So where do you think these third world Muslims should go?

If they are actually refugees?

Muslims, even in water, have their entire body covered. At least the women do.

Or are you saying that the Greeks don’t sunbathe in the nude? Cuz I think they do.

To rich Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE. Or even Syria. These people do not even have to leave their home countries. Refugee camps can be set up in Syria. Protected by the U.N. And no, they will not be attacked by Assad. He is not suicidal. Just because much of the world has been totally ruined by Islam doesn’t mean that we should ruin the lives of the Greeks as well.

Nope. I said nothing remotely close to that.

As said previously. I have been to the Greek Isles. As the saying goes, “when in Rome.” :wink: But full disclosure. My dermatologist told me I should wear a hat. So I did. :cowboy_hat_face:

are they going to borrow money from Germany to pay for it?

I doubt it. Is Germany paying for the refugees in Greece?

My joke was Greece is broke and can’t afford to build anything.

Fair enough. They are the last country who needs to be bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to be placed on public assistance.

They are not bringing anyone in
people are just showing up its hard to stop the latter.

But they are not obligated to take care of them. They can ship them back. Or create a “wall in the sea.”

Just put them on a boat greece is under no obligation to keep them

I agree. Maybe point the boat toward the U.A.E? They can finance their Muslim brothers easily.

Your OP is openly hostile toward refugees, rambling about oppression, and hiding behind a fear of Islam doesn’t change that.

Like I said it is not a great situation for anyone. Building a “wall in the sea” is idiotic though.

Everyone who feels that way should personally take one in and help them instead of wanting others to be generous on others behalf’s. I have nothing but the utmost respect for people who personally take in a migrant or someone in need and help them.

There is a huge gap between being hostile toward refugees and your proposition/assertion.