Great Work, Everyone, on Trump's Fourth of July Non-rally Rally

Cue the Blue Angels overhead!

Trump’s July Fourth event and weekend protests bankrupted D.C. security fund, mayor says

Chris Rodriguez, director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, said in an interview that the estimated costs for July Fourth were six times as much as in years past and were likely to grow as the city continues to tally expenses . . .

While it once carried large balances from year to year, in the Trump era the fund has dwindled. It was never repaid more than $7 million of the $27.3 million in costs the city incurred during the 2017 inauguration, city officials said.

White House officials have said that the District agreed to use unspent money in the emergency fund to pay for inaugural costs, an assertion denied by the Bowser administration . . .

Yeah, I know: it serves those local, partisan DC hacks right, with their corruption and their profligate spending and the DC mayor is a lying Trump-hater . . . something, something, I am sure.

The important thing is: Stay the course; doing super. On the other hand, the President has a long, long history of ■■■■■■■ over vendors and behaving terribly with finances, so . . .


I’m sure the fiscal conservative members of this board who still remain in the GOP will be in here shortly to condemn Trump’s excesses at the expense of the taxpayer.

Oh, wait…

He would cheat your grandmother out of her change if he could.


Right now would be a great time for a resident conservative to chime in with the ever-so-popular bit of deep wisdom such as “you see, the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money” :laughing:


He would cheat every Trump supporter on this board if given the opportunity.

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He already has

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This is one case where they really DID let him do it… :wink:


Who paid for inaugural costs at the beginning of the GWB and Obama terms? Is this different and if so, how?

Antifa is becoming very expensive.

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Yes, Of course we will. We will do it at the exact same time that you condemn liberal spending.

Oh, wait………

As a fiscal conservative, I condemn liberal spending all the time. That’s the biggest reason I condemn Trump’s wall… :smiley:

Yep. The most expensive plaque holder in history.


Waiting for your condemnation of Trump’s excesses…


Who am I kidding…I’m not waiting for anything. We both know you won’t criticize your hero. :joy:


So you’re the one? :sunglasses:

Yes, I’m Neo…

You’re welcome.

What I bet most libs will conveniently ignore is that most of the additional costs was because of the protests. Obama didn’t have July Fourth protests during his presidency. That alone shows the double standard in how Trump is being treated. Personally, I don’t think the White House should be responsible for paying back Washington D.C. for the expenses of Salute to America, or the inauguration. If D.C. residents want to protest Trump’s Fourth of July and not attend his inauguration then they should be made to pay for their stupidity.

Altair’s second rule of politics:

Republicans do not care about the spending of republicans.

Democrats do not care about the spending of democrats.

This is the rock solid truth. Give or take a few free thinkers.

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Which of those parties runs on a platform of fiscal responsibility and less spending?

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