Great supplement for older people...NADH

If you change orange juice brands, it’s still orange juice… Obviously…

My wife remarked again that the NMN is better for mental alertness and productivity, than NR. Although we take one of each in the morning. I also notice a lot more deep day dreams on things I want to do, or have to do. It’s amazing. I had forgotten how much I used to do that.

My buddy who is older does not report the same effects I get. Granted he takes them at night instead of the morning on an empty stomach like I told him too. Seems they are very effective for some and not so much for others. It’s the same split on customer reviews at Amazon. Some are amazed at the effect, others get nothing at all, and some get dizzy.

If you have no lack of NAD+ in the system it will do nothing. I think those who get dizzy need to lower the dosage and work up to higher ones over time.

Personalty, this stuff makes me feel great. Now, I take a NMN and a NR capsule in the morning and another NR capsule in the afternoon. NMN is still so strong in my system I think if I took two a day, I’d be jogging around my coffee table…

A NMN and a “Tru” brand capsule of NR in body is like being back in the 80’s but with no major burn out the next day… :wink::sunglasses::joy::grin:

here’s some parts of an article about NADH called " ISAMAYA FFRENCH TRIES OUT NAD+"

"Ten years ago, John had been visiting addiction centres in Mexico where incredible results had been accounted for by recovering alcoholics and their intravenous application of NAD+. By the fifth day of receiving high doses of NAD+, the women were unrecognisable. They looked alive again. "

'John was transfixed by his findings and spent the next ten years researching the effects of NAD+ on animals and humans alike. In rats, they found that the treatment of NAD+ caused the cells in rats with an equivalent age of 60 human years to look like the cells of a 20-year-old. The numbers of positive and life-changing personal experiences with the molecule kept appearing, from Alzheimer’s patients to athletes. It seemed like the molecule was about to transform the way we age."

It appears that NAD+ helps to repair and protect telomeres, stretches of DNA that protect the end of our chromosomes (they are a bit like the plastic bits on the end of your shoelaces) which, if damaged, cause the double-stranded molecules of DNA to unravel, and ultimately stop working.

Another wonderful benefit of NAD+ is that it increases your body’s levels of serotonin – a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation – and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. So not only physical health on a cellular level is improved, but emotional mood also.

NAD+ isn’t just hailed by recovering addicts and post-chemotherapy cancer patients, it’s praised by oligarchs, celebrities and elite businesspeople across the globe as being key to their ability to stay sharp and conquer the awful effects of jetlag, sleep deprivation and oxidation. Personal testimonies of improved vision, muscle strength and first-hand improvements in patients with diabetes have also been widely reported. "

Still recommend using it. Start with the NR and workup to NMN. I take 2 NMN in the morning, and 1 NR and 1 NMN in the afternoon. I also take a CO Q 10 these days. A friend asked me if I was dying my eyebrows because they got darker and thicker over the last few months.

That’s all I need … thicker eyebrows. :smirk:

Still taking NMN and NR NADH supplements and still loving the results. Seems I’m one of the lucky people who get extra good results from it. My Wife does not feel the amount of extra energy I get when taking the supplement, but she has noticed some positive results such as better sleep, more focused at work, better moods and less frequent urination.

Recently, I’ve noticed I get more work done in much less time. So, I’m working faster on projects, but I don’t think so as I’m doing them. It’s just that I have much more day left over when I’m finished. Have you ever noticed as you get older time seems to pass more quickly? Well, I’m going to claim by my personal experience, that this supplement has reserved that trend. I even keep thinking it should be later in the month a than it is, also.


Take 3 NMN’s and go hiking… Lots of fun.

New related article

"We were surprised by the dramatic differences between the old mice that received the eNAMPT of young mice and old mice that received saline as a control,” says Imai. “These are old mice with no special genetic modifications, and when supplemented with eNAMPT, their wheel-running behaviors, sleep patterns and physical appearance — thicker, shinier fur, for example — resemble that of young mice.”

Imai and his team also found that NAD levels in the body can be boosted with doses the molecule NMN, which is produced by eNAMPT. They note that NMN is currently being tested in humans.

“We think the body has so many redundant systems to maintain proper NAD levels because it is so important,” says Imai. “Our work and others’ suggest it governs how long we live and how healthy we remain as we age. Since we know that NAD inevitably declines with age, whether in worms, fruit flies, mice or people, many researchers are interested in finding anti-aging interventions that might maintain NAD levels as we get older.”…

I found NMN to be more effective than NR also if you look back at my posts…

Too bad I’m not a mouse. :wink: