Great news from California!

Winds tend to calm down night, and there isn’t much sun either. Funny how that works.

EV owners can count on wind and solar to charge their batteries overnight.

At higher elevations it is the complete opposite. Wind is stronger at night. Less so during the day.

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PA is still ■■■■■■■ paying for a 1936 flood in Johnstown. I sure hope that town gets rebuilt soon.

I call ■■■■■■■■ when a politician says a tax is temporary.


The grid has to be able to hand the load for calm night conditions. That implies either massive energy storage or a reliable backup such a gas or nuclear generators.

California is run by morons… They have the stupidest gas system in the world and the current leadership probably has no clue it’s in place. Our taxes are wasted. I think voters are waking up, but the dem harvest votes and just keep elections open until they harvest enough to keep the corrupt in power.


The two party system itself creates teams. Which makes it more likely you’ll vote for your team even if they suck.


The exodus!!

Lots of job openings with people leaving.


Fisherman Wharf is totally closed.

There is nothing to see.

No place to eat.

Michael Savage used to love Aliottos. Closed and vacant now.

Can’t fly?

You’ve never been to SF. :rofl:

“No place to eat”


Maybe and people are filling them apparently. :man_shrugging:t5:

One of highest unemployment rates in US. Lots of people need a job there.


He said “Fisherman’s Wharf”

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Bingo. :+1:t6:

I can’t imagine the hotels lasting much longer. Why would you stay there? Property value will probably drop as well.

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Exactly. A destination spot for tourists.



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The only thing saving them is government paying to house homeless or immigrants.

Then they close.