Great news! ANTIFA declared to be a terrorist organization!

This means that law abiding citizens do not need to be bullied while Portland police officers walk around with their hands in their pockets. The FBI can track, surveil them and arrest them. It’s about time.


It actually doesn’t mean anything at all.

But as I’ve said before, this isn’t meant for me. This is for you guys.

More fake red meat for the base.


You sound angry that we’re happy? :grin:

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Oh really? Looks like it means quite a bit to me. But hey, you can always write them a check after they are to test your theory.


No, definitely not. But if it helps you to think I’m “angry”, go for it. Self care is important.


Did you read that before you posted it?

Maybe you should go back and read it again.

Is ANTIFA a “Foriegn Terrorist Organization”?

You’re probably right. Bill Barr will ignore them. :grin:
You should be happy too. You don’t like these brick throwers do ya Doc? :wink:

Connections with foreign terrorist groups may have some significance. Domestic terrorist designation not so much.

Since George Soros funds them, wonder what will happen there?

Well obviously he needs to be charged with providing aid to terrorism. How can he not be? This should give the FBI full access to his finances and communications.

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Yes…they are both foreign and domestic.

Even retroactively?

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Not charged. But maybe surveilled?

Pretty much…lets not address the problem. Lets play to my base.

Domestic terrorist…

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I don’t know much about the legal issues of what can and can not be done. It will be interesting if anyone who knows about this can chime in.

And what does that mean, legally?

(The answer is nothing at all)

It’s not just playing to his base. You would love to see some of these Antifa bullies and vandals pay for their crimes too. Right?

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Who told you that?

I don’t think AG Barr got the memo.

The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.