Great News! Another state dumping the masks

Sorry Slow Joe. Sorry Doc Grauci. It looks like Indiana is joining the ranks of the maskless. What is that 17 states now? It looks like they might be having full 4th July parties without your consent. Too bad so sad.

Indiana governor drops statewide mask mandate, loosens other pandemic restrictions (


Still too early to take a victory lap IMHO.

Definitely not too early. The mask mandate was put in place to prevent hospitalizations. How is that stat looking? If non vaccinated people get Covid and miss two weeks of work, that’s their problem. So I am taking a victory lap!



What I would like to see is increased mask usage and social distancing without the mandates.


Two weeks after vaccine…lose the mask.

Wear an N95 if you have a need.

I am sick of the paper mask biowaste everywhere. Same as throwing used kleenex around.

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Too many people value their freedom to don masks unless mandated.

Across the U.S., the nation logged an average of 54,308 new cases per day over the past week — a 1% rise from the prior week after months of rapidly declining case numbers, according to the data.

The pace of vaccinations continues to pick up, with the country giving out about 2.5 million shots per day.

I’d say things are shaping up pretty good. You can look in your tiny rearview mirror or out of that big, beautiful windshield?


I would prefer the states keep the mask mandates and raise capacity restrictions. By dropping the mandate, you take cover away from businesses that still require mask use.

That can work for a business when the patrons have your mindset and I believe there are many that do…my wife being one of them.

In cases like these, people will act according to their perceived threat level. If every 3rd person was dropping dead, you wouldn’t need a mandate. You only need a mandate when you probably shouldn’t have a mandate.


Where I live, it is the norm and we do not have a mask mandate. Most businesses require them for entry and have hand sanitizer at the entryway.

People can do this without the government telling them they have to.

There are always going to be the exceptions to it. I’ve had a few people walk into my business without a mask and become indignant when we tell them it is required.

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That is not true at all.

You need to move away from the idea of government mandating you to do anything. Business doesn’t need “cover”.

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Yeah, and that’s the problem I have with this - some poor kid or minimum wage clerk is gonna have to be the ne to enforce the store policy at restaurants and stores and get screamed and spit at by people screaming about how ‘there is no mandate.’

If, as is the case here, the state is advising it, they should take the pressure off the front line workers and make it a mandate.

IN numbers look good, but why not wait till vaccination levels are higher? Increase capacities, etc…but if the state advises the mask, just mandate it for a few more months.

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Sure it is. People now can walk in without a mask and say “it’s not mandated!” leaving it mostly to the front line workers to enforce store policy.

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They also have to enforce dress codes and people trying to bring dogs with them that are not allowed. How is that any different?

Sadly, masks and covid mitigation efforts have become politicized, and people see efforts to enforce them as an infringement on their freedoms. You said it yourself - you have clients walking in complaining right? Ever have one complain about a ‘no shoes no shirt no service’. (I realize you probably don’t have that sign in your window…)

My own experience - in a store with my daughters. A woman and two daughters were shopping near us with their masks under their chins. My oldest asked them if they would mind putting them over their mouth and nose while they were near us, and the mother said “Mind your own business.” I said “Our health IS our business” and she said “I guess we all know who you voted for.”

Which is just such an odd thing to say, except for the fact that somehow public safety, and respect for your American brothers and sisters’ health has somehow become a wedge issue.


My point is that staff has to enforce rules and this is no different. It doesn’t matter if it is politicized or not.

If folks feel it is an infringement on their freedom, then they are free not to go into a store or risk being escorted out.

I had a lady come in to ask for my staff’s time about products for a house she is building out of state. Never going to buy anything from us but wanted total run down, etc. She refused to put a mask on and ignored the request.

I came out of my office, asked her to put a mask on and she just gave me a ‘Karen’ look. I told her no one would assist her unless she did. I told the person working with her to go back to his office.

So, she just stood there in a huff for a few minutes and then left.


Have you ever had a similar encounter with someone coming in without a shirt and ignoring your staff’s instruction to put one on?

Your staff is fortunate to have a concerned sensible manager available to them.

Imagine that Karen in a McDonalds with some poor minimum wage kid at the register…

Internet is filled with these episodes. And here, the Gov. just gave those Karen’s a little more ammunition, a little more reason to scream and spit.

No, but I’ve had a few people over the years with bad behaviors where I’ve had to ask them to stop. And yes, I get out on the floor personally to do it. I love it when they get snarky as demand to speak to the owner :rofl:

Most places have a manger with that responsibility. It is part of their job.

The majority of our customers are amazing, wonderful people but there is always the rare exception.