Greasy Gavin Proposes 28th Amendment to the Constitution

Because existing laws are not enforced Newsome wants broad federal power to restrict.
His “bipartisan support” comment is argle bargle for gun registration and confiscation. The only armed will be his pals the criminals.
California Becomes First State in America to Call for Constitutional Convention on Right to Safety | California Governor.


Not aimed at the OP but wish we could move past giving pols stupid nicknames.

I know to a degree its always been done but in recent years its reached epidemic proportions.

Certainly has increased over the years on this forum.

Ha its just a pet peeve of mine and know in the scheme of things its minor. Rant over :grinning:

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A bunch of poor dumb sick animals will even be stupid enough to cheer for it. :rofl:


Generally speaking, we are way past due for a constitutional convention.

He wants an amendment that allows him to violate the Bill of Rights?


All the while making up brand new rights out of thin air for niche groups of mentally unstable radicals. :wink:


Newsom has a plethora of nicknames all deserved. Too bad he wasn’t recalled. Californians had their chance. Now they’re stuck with a turd that is overdue on being flushed.


One of the final steps to banana republic


It wouldn’t be a violation if it passed.

It would be…an amendment.

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I think he got this idea from the way the various dictators of South Korea handled their constitutional issues during the Cold War.

“You mean I can’t run for a third term? Well I’ll just mark this clause out and add a new one. There. I can run for as many terms as I like now. Oh you guys in the legislative have a problem with that? Well I’m commander in chief of the third largest army in Asia. So come at me bro.”

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“Right to Safety”

Right to an emotion.



What’s magic about 21?


Has the Bill of Rights ever been amended?


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I’m sorry but that’s just stupid. He’s using the amendment process laid out on the Constitution, written by the founders that you all seem to revere so much, and yet somehow in your mind that equates to some sort of military dictatorship!? Come on man, do better

No, but also so what? Surely you don’t mean to suggest that the BoR is some sacrosanct document that can never be changed?

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Intentions. It’s his intentions that are the problem.

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The Bill of Rights was the second great compromise. Without the promise of them being added the Constitution would not have been adopted.

They are just a bit more special than the amendments that came after them.



Perhaps. Does that render them inviolable through amendment?

An Amendment passed through the proper procedures can legitimately change any part of the Constitution. That was part of the thinking behind the design of the Amendment process. And Amendments HAVE already changed parts of the Constitution or overridden prior Amendments.

Let Gavin propose.

Let the Amendment process play out. It takes a vast majority at multiple levels to get it passed. If that’s what the vast majority decides on, then that’s what the nation is, and that’s what the nation should get.

Your job and my job would be to oppose the proposal in any and all discussions and processes we are entitled to participate in.