Granholm for Secretary of Energy

Granholm to be nominated for secretary of energy.

Excellent. Always thought she’d be an excellent presidential candidate. Unfortunately, born in Canada.

Care to elaborate? You know, discuss the topic?

She definitely didn’t have any trouble being elected governor twice. Her reelection she won by 14 points.

Granholm was gov of MI 11 years ago. You think you’re talking about Whitmer.

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I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

My mistake.


Good grief.

Wow. Just wow.

Mea culpa. I saw Michigan Gov. and jumped right to that conclusion without reading it through.

I thought whitmer had gotten her reward.

Well maybe try reading before posting memes that don’t make sense. You know, contribute to the discussion.

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What?? I admitted my error, apologized and explained.

Is that not good enough??

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I’m gonna go delete my posts. I’ve already admitted my error.

You want some blood??

Did I ruin your perfect thread??

Boo ■■■■■■■ hoo.

Just suggesting pausing before posting about something you know absolutely nothing about.

I’ve got a few suggestions of my own.

One nice one is…take the apology and explanation at face value.

I’ll save the other suggestions for any other snark comments you have.

Haven’t paid much attention to her in the past. But I do respect her for this legislation:,4584,7-212-96477_57648_21974-196007--,00.html

She was a pretty popular governor.

I’m sure putting the nations nuclear arsenal under the control of a Canadian is just fine.

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She moved here when she was 4. She is a US citizen like any of us.

So I’m gonna call that snark without any actual addition to the discussion.

she can’t run for president and yet is put in charge of the nuclear arsenal of the country? seems odd