Grand Jury material temporary blocked by Supreme court

The ongoing, never ending standing committe on impeachment has been trying to get these documents. Well looks like they will have to wait even longer.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily blocked the release of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury material to the Democratic-led House of Representatives.

In the brief, unsigned order, the justices set out a time period asking for briefs by June 1. Such a timeline suggests they will decide before this term ends whether to take up the case.

And this right here shows they don’t know an impeachable offense was committed, but they are trying to find one. That’s NOT how investigations are supposed to happen.

on Monday, a lawyer for the House said that the “Committee’s impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing.”

Why the Dem’s should be kicked out of the house and senate come November.


There were several instances of obstruction of justice.

That used to be considered a bad thing.

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Not as bad as obstructing a CV19 response.

pasty face pelosi needs more ice cream.

By Trump? Please name them and link to them please and thank you.

They need to see everything, personal, confidential, top secret…everything…as part of their ongoing attempt to see if there is anything that they can impeach Trump for.
Its part of their oversight to have a permanent impeachment committee.

And besides, even if they don’t find something to impeach over, they might find something to use to help make Joe our next President.

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it’s a shame that Medusa’s head is so rare…

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It’s a never ending fishing expedition in search of an actual crime. That isn’t the way it is supposed to work.

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You don’t think that information would be relevant?

Only for harassment.

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No there wasn’t.

You can’t do open ended fishing expeditions against your political enemy with no specific crime in mind.

At least not involving secret grand jury testimony. The SC appears to agree.

Indeed. Provable with mountains of evidentiary information that confirms all three pillars for an obstruction case. Literally any other person in this country would have been indicted and convicted for such obvious crimes. Other than the President. That one office alone is all that kept Trump from proper punishment for his running afoul of the law.

No different than his multiple felonies committed in the weeks prior to the 2016 election. The reason Individual 1 is an unindicted co-conspirator and not a felon is because of the office he occupies.

But none of that matters to some. Some will even pretend these factual realities don’t exist. For some weird reason some have opted to live in an alternate reality in order to be comfortable with Donald Trump as the leader of conservatives, Republicans, and the entire right-wing of America.


It’s in the report. Just read the thing.

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It is bonkers that because there is legal opinion that the President can’t be indicted until after the remedy of impeachment that that gets translated into the President not doing anything wrong and in some instances can’t even be investigated.

It is super crazy.

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Imaginary obstruction…either way your fishing trip been put n hold.

Indeed. I’m not even sure crazy or bonkers are the right adjectives. It’s the very antithesis to what our system was built upon. That no man…NONE…are above the law. We have witnessed a full bastardization of the concept of rule of law and holding all men equally accountable. And for Donald Trump of all people.

That is the part that make me think that we are in a simulation and the transdimensional aliens that are running are just ■■■■■■■ with us.


What testimony and from who to the grand jury?

if it was already in the report, why didn’t they already do impeachment articles for it?

There’s precedence. Remember when Clinton’s Justice Department blocked the release of his and Lewinsky’s grand jury testimony?

Oh. Never mind.