GRAHAM: ‘This is the Most Unethical Scam Since I’ve Been in Politics” | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham exploded on his congressional colleagues Thursday; saying the Democrats are on an all-out mission to “destroy this guy’s life” and called the proceedings the “most unethical scam” since he’s been in politics.

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Senator Lindsey Graham is an unhinged Right Wing Trump bum kissing HYPOCRITE.

The most unethical scam in politics of late was fellow HYPOCRITE Senator Mitchell NEEDLESSLY BUT INTENTIONALLY BLOCKING President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court from even receiving a hearing.


For no good reason, except for PARTISAN THEFT!

Graham, go ■■■■ yourself you Trumplican bastard!

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Hardball politics getting to be too much for you Lindsey?

Resign and go home and leave the game to the big boys.

Partisan payback is a bitch isn’t it Lindsey?

Well, as Michelle Malkin says, “Boo Freaking Hoo!”.

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Absolutely loved his speech. It is exactly on point. Liberals can try to deter this appointment but Kavanaugh should, and will be confirmed. Then, I hope he has a little bit of vengeance held back and the Democrats will not only find themselves with a SCOTUS that has majority Conservative Views, but a Pissed off Judge that they may wish they never started this stuff with !!! Love It !!

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God bless you senator Graham—i just got on your reelection donor list----YOU SAID WHAT EVERYONE IS THINKING ABOUT THE EVIL LIBERAL PARTY.

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I’d put russiagate on the list as more unethical.

This will actually weed out the globalists plants within the Congressional Republicans. Every patriotic person observing this and looking back on the Dem MO just to get back on the destructive globalist path should be equally furious!
Actually, and now that a fire seems to be lit under Sen. Graham’s backside - he’ll see the most unethical & deceptive scam is the promise of “change” via the NWO.

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Thank you Senator Graham!!! I am a woman and don’t believe this sham for one second.


“Lindy” “Lindsey”


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Lindsey, you Trumplican, whining about Democrats dropping these accusations on the hearing “at the last minute” as if there is some OMG Supreme Court Clock winding down where it will explode if a vote is put off for the needed amount of time to have the FBI have their way with Kavanaugh and Ford.

Heard one Trumplican whining that the Democrats held the matter up for OMG 6 weeks…the horrors…the horrors…

No matter that Turtle Faced Senator Mitch McConnell held up Merrick Garland’s hearings for 41 weeks essentially STEALING the nomination and confirmation from President Barack Hussein Obama’s choice.

Lindsey ! Opened up a can O Whoop ass on them Dems. Ms Ford is either mistaken about who hurt here or she is a fruit loop, pure and simple and the Dems know it. Also love watching Judge Kavanaugh tell those Democratic liars in his own way that he knows what scumbags they are. Those democrats are what Obama left to offer the people of this country, complete scumbag liars just like Obama and Hillary, criminals with their own agenda that does not have anything to do with honoring US citizens. What did the Obamas do while in the Whitehouse, screw up kid’s school lunches, vacation on the tax payers and complain about BLACK rights, what about brown, black, white and what ever other color of the USA rainbow, what about their rights. White, brown, black all just as hungry .

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Shouldn’t this be in the One and Only thread?

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are you trolling this hard because you saw kav’s testimony and now feel this democrat stunt wont work?

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As a matter of face LouC, Senator Graham is not an unhinged Right Wing Trump bum kissing hypocrit. He has come out against Trump many, many times but this time, he is standing for a man of moral, ethical, fair values and he and his family have received death threats from people. I stand with Kavanaugh. He is telling the truth when he denies any wrong doing by this woman and the other two who have crawled out of the sewers to try and get their 15 minutes of fame. The dems tried this on Judge Roy Moore when he was leading in the polls in Alabama so the democrats could gain a seat in the senate, and what a poor choice they made.

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Hold my beer…

  • Merrick Garland
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Cicero said," A country can survive it’s fools, and even it’s ambitious ones, but it cannot survive treason from within". Stop calling them “globalists”, it’s treason by every definition of the word. And it’s happening in every country of the world where politicians and influential people are laboring from within to bring their own government under submission to a world wide government. They can’t accomplish it through popular vote and so anyone that stands in their way they call “populists”. In the U.S. you let them get away with changing their label from “liberals” to “progressives”, and the murdering of babies in the womb from “killing” to “pro-choice”. Haven’t you become suspicious of why they so willingly embraced the label “globalists” before the one with more dire consequences, “treasonists” could get traction ?
They don’t have “Trump Derangement Syndrome” though they will gladly accept that explanation if it will keep you blinded from what they are really doing until they can put it over on you.
These are the devil’s children of the world who got the word from their father that his time is short and they are desperately trying to gather all of their brothers and sisters together under a world wide government to make a last ditch stand through safety in numbers against the wrath that Almighty God is bringing with Him.
That’s why you are witnessing things in politics and in the world that have never reared their ugly heads before. God is in perfect control of the speed with which He is allowing things to come about. He created our young country partly as a way to control the speed that He is allowing His conclusion to come about. The U.S. is the biggest obstacle to a one world government. No other country’s citizens have had the rights and freedoms that our citizens have had. One of the greatest speed controls God built into our Constitution is the right to keep and bear arms. Why do you think everytime a kid got shot in the eye with a squirt gun Obama whined about gun control ?

Remember when “Grahmnesty” was a worthless sellout rhino to the right? Silly trained humans

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Lindsay Graham nailed it. His comments yesterday spoke for millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the corrupt bs that is the hallmark of the kook fringe left.

Thank you Senator Graham. You may have fired the next volley in the war to take America back from the kooks yesterday!

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While Senator Graham was standing up for the character of a good man who never should have had to put up with that disgusting Democrat smear…Senator Whitehouse was offering a brilliant line of questions about 16 year old kids joking about farts in a high school year book.

If the kook fringe left had the strength of character to be embarrassed it would be…

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By the way, in the last 12 months before Sal Alinsky, the author of the book “Rules for Radicals”(which he dedicated to Lucifer in the introduction, and is the playbook that Hillary and Obama swore by) died, he said he hoped that when he died he would go to hell.
Anybody else want to hop on that train ?
The devil does not exhibit familial love for his own children(Matt. chapter 13 vs. 37-39) and exhibits great disgust in the end that he brings them to. Could any of Hitler’s enemies done any worse to him than what he did to himself with the poison, gun, and gasoline at his father’s guidance ?