GRAHAM: ‘This is the Most Unethical Scam Since I’ve Been in Politics” | Sean Hannity

I am not trolling.

I have no clue who is telling the truth. I don’t care. I have flat out stated the Congressional Democrats are using Ford as a delaying tactic but that I feel it is going to be a failed one.

What I posted stands. I put out my opinion. The Republicans are being whiny hypocrites whining about " last minute" submissions of evidence to the committee. As long as the nominee consideration is still in committee there is no “last minute”.


Republicans made that so very, very evident when they held off Merrick Garlands nomination, running the clock out.


My post stands.

A vote for a Democrat in any level of City-State-Government is a vote for Socialism, to NOT make America Great again… It is a vote wasted on self-centered self-absorbed ■■■■■■■■ with a “Deep State” agenda.
Never a Vote for a Democrat again…

Why are the Republicans afraid to hear from Judge? Why is Kavanaugh afraid of an FBI investigation of the allegations?

totally agree

and today just now Graham said in closing that he says to Kav’s two daughters “i am proud of your dad”

as a father of two daughters, that about choked me up

not since 9/11 did any politician cause that sort of emotional response in me

he isnt. he’s had 6 already

you dont know whos telling the truth because there is no evidence at all of the allegation

there is no need for a delay or fbi inves.

esp since the allegation is not a fed matter


All three of those points are points I have already made here in Hannityland.

My issue about hypocrite Lindsey Graham et al whining about “last minute” dropping of any pertinent considerations for the committee has to do solely with there being no Constitutional finite time restraint mandates for a committee to hear about a nominee or that a vote be taken on a nominee to move them to a full Senate vote.

It is pure Senate Republican hypocrisy on display with their rush to get Kavanaugh to a vote on the Senate floor.

Senator Mitch McConnell and his Republican co-horts INTENTIONALLY LEFT THE SUPREME COURT SEAT OF Justice Antonin Scalia OPEN FOR ALMOST 53 WEEKS.

From the time that President Trump submitted his nominee Bret Kavanaugh for the seat being vacated by Justice Kennedy to the date Senate Confirmation hearings began for Judge Kavanaugh was only 57 DAYS.


Yet the Senate Republicans act as if this has needlessly drug on for some interminable and unacceptable amount of time.


From the time President Obama submitted the first nominee name to the Senate, that of Justice Merrick Garland, for “advice and consent” for the seat sadly vacated by the death of Justice Scalia to the time President Donald Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination hearing began was 369 DAYS.

Republicans HAPPILY AND WILLFULLY sat on an open Supreme Court seat for 383 Days.

There was no effort to get it done quickly.

Hypocrite Graham and his fellow Hypocrite Republican Senators have very short term memories.

there is no “rush” to get confirmed. thats talking point crap. of course you bought it. youre the product of the media forge

there is just no reason to delay. which is obviously their intent and yours

Don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining. There is no such thing as a “delay” here, because there is no mandates on how fast the process needs to be completed.



Because the Constitution sets no time limits on the process, so they in all their PARTISAN HYPOCRISY put off the process well over a year.

I would not have been surprised had Hillary won that Senator Mitch McConnell would have tried everything he could to keep her from seating a Supreme Court Justice.

“In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court,” McConnell said to applause from religious conservatives at the Value Voters Summit Friday. “So my friends, keep the faith, don’t get rattled by all of this. We’re going to plow right through it and do our job.”

Graham’s stout defense is, in substance, unsurprising. He had already declared his intention to vote for Kavanaugh no matter what Ford said, saying last weekend, “I’ll listen to the lady, but we’re going to bring this to a close. Here’s what I want to tell you: In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.”

“Requiring an FBI investigation of a 36 year old allegation (without specific references to time or location) before Professor Ford will appear before the Judiciary Committee is not about finding the truth, but delaying the process till after the midterm elections,” Graham tweeted after Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer said she wanted an FBI investigation before she testifies.

“It is imperative the Judiciary committee move forward on the Kavanaugh nomination and a committee vote be taken ASAP,” Graham said.

I was pondering the whole uproar when something ironic struck me - if you think about the history of Roe V. Wade … that entire case started with a false allegation of rape (albeit no one was named) that “Jane Roe” made trying to get a legal abortion after becoming pregnant with her third child.

Now we’re being asked to consider another set of allegations and without question accept them as fact; when the whole landmark case that started this divide began with a lie.

Just kinda interesting to think on…

Farts in a yearbook? Kavy’s Yearbook? Where did Kavy talk about farts in a yearbook?

You should like in a mirror, very closely, to see if you can find your soul! Oh, scratch that - -as a mentally damaged liberal troll, you do not have one.

Oh aren’t you just the sweetest little thing?

Honey, I do “like” in a mirror, everyday, cause I can see a me looking back at me, a me with a mighty fine soul in there, and I like it a lot.

Oh, dearie, even if I were some “mentally damaged liberal troll”, which I am not, I would still have a soul. God our creator saw to that, heck I bet God was so generous even you were given a soul, although I think maybe yours needs a little dusting off.


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There was a reference to a slang term for flatulence, which Senator Whitehouse or Whitehorse or whatever that idiot’s name is asked Judge Kavanaugh about, the senators response was to explain that the slang term was about flatulence, we were 16…

And this probing penetrating line of questioning came just a few minutes after Lindsay Graham’s epic smackdown of the corruption on the left last week. The contrast in my mind was epic and telling.

The contrast was epic and telling.

One was a committee member, in questioning Kavy about the sexual assault allegations, asked Kavy about the yearbook and his usage of sexual slang phrases.

The other was also a committee member who was getting extremely angry and extremely partisan who had already decided that Ford was lying.

Noticing the Far Right attempt to dehumanize those not with them.

Senator Graham had not already decided Ford was lying. That’s not true. Senator Graham did speak for millions of us who are disgusted by the liberal attempt to destroy that man’s character. Ms. Ford might well have been molested as a teenager, but there’s nothing other than the memory of a person who can’t tell us where or when the incident happened to indicate that Judge Kavanaugh was involved. Her witnesses have all stated that her story is not accurate. Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation and history are loaded with people lauding and applauding his respectful and dignified treatment of women, I feel badly for Ms. Ford because something probably happened to her, but that doesn’t justify destroying the good name and reputation of a good man with these politically motivated unfounded allegations. He’s got rights too…The allegations against the Judge, Ford has no evidence of any kind to substantiate her story, Ramirez admits she was drunk and has no clue what might have happened, no one has stepped up to corroborate her story, Swetnick’s entire tale is just stupid, anyone who believes the creepy porn lawyer’s line of crap probably can’t cut his own food. Lindsay Graham spoke for me and said exactly what I and millions of Americans wanted to say at that moment.

Whitehouse asked a man with more than 300 published opinions from the bench who’s accuser has no credible evidence worth considering about farts.

Those are the facts, please feel free to spin them however you would like but those are the facts.

Liberal Democrats

And by the way, I’m curious which branch of the Me Too Movement is going to step up for the family of Judge Kavanaugh. His mom, his wife, his daughters, all women, I can’t imagine how much they’ve been destroyed by these allegations which any fair minded person would have to recognize as false at this point.

Or do you people even care? Probably not.

My question to you is…Once the FBI get’s done finding out that all the people who didn’t corroborate Ford’s story last week still aren’t corroborating Ford’s story this week, what’s the lefts strategy to resist, delay, and destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation going to be next week?

Dr. Ford also received death threats, and was forced to move out her house. Do you people care? Probably not.

If the FBI investigation does not bring anything new, then Kavy will go to a vote in the US Senate. There’s nothing that “the leftest strategy” can do. And if he’s confirmed, then we have a politically biased and politically motivated judge on the highest court in the land. His decisions will not be based on the evidence and arguments placed before him. It will be whether is affects a Democrat or Republican.