Government says it will take years to reunite families forcibly separated at the border

This is what it looks like when a policy is created not with helping people or creating a better situation in mind, but causing maximum harm as a form of deterrent.

With the number of cases appearing to number in the tens of thousands, government officials outlined a plan to start manually going through records to help reunite families who were forcibly separated at the border under the direction of the Trump administration. This is all a result of the short sighted and poorly implemented “zero tolerance” policy put in place by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an act that should serve as his lasting legacy.

It’s really hard to imagine how monstrous someone would need to be in order to strip a child away from his or her parents without even bothering to keep a record to help facilitate a reunion at some point. The amount of damage done to these families will be hard to quantify. This was our government at work thanks to conservative America.

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If illegal aliens would pursue coming into the country legally, they wouldn’t have this problem…FACT!

Why are Christians not in Washington DC protesting right this moment?

I am shocked … shocked I tell you that some people are not upset that the administration handles children with less care than airlines do with their luggage.

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Desperate people with families don’t have the luxury of waiting around in crime ridden, impoverished nations for years until America decides they don’t want a racist in the White House.

They wouldn’t have this problem if it wasn’t an explicit policy created by the administration to inflict harm and create a deterrent. FACT!


Yeah…I know. That explains everything…in Libville but not in the real world.

If you had a legitimate reason to believe your kids were in danger of dying, would you sit around and wait for a few years hoping for something better or would you bring them somewhere you believe they would be safe?

To be honest, there are many Christian organizations jumping in to aid separated families and the children and lobbying politicians, it’s easy to Google them and see what they are doing. They’re just not the loud-mouthed media hound types.


If that’s the case, how come there’s anyone left anywhere outside the US? You and I both know that doesn’t explain the majority of illegal aliens. That’s an excuse and nothing more.

Because many areas of the world aren’t corrupt, crime ridden cesspools. It just so happens that many parts of Central and South America definitely are.

Ironically, most of our ancestors rushed to the new world for a better life as well. I bet yours did.

I’ve posted this before but, I think a lot of people, if their family was in danger in some other country, wouldn’t have the courage to take their family to a safer place. Our ancestors certainly did. I’m not sure why some people now are against other human beings who are fleeing danger. That’s exactly opposite of what I learned in church.

Where ever they came from…why is there anybody left? Answer…because it’s bull feces.

This is outrageous.

That’s actually great to hear. Thanks for posting that.

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as far as im concerned any officials involved in the seperating of kids should be charged with kidnapping and spend the rest of their lives in jail

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Why was anybody left in Syria after years of war, massacres, and rampant terrorist activity had caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee? I guess things just really weren’t all that bad there, right?

Everyone here, who attends church, should meet with their pastor tomorrow and see what their opinion of this situation is.

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This is true.

Nevertheless, the ineptitude of our government in not keeping proper records of kids separated from parents is criminal.

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