Government interference in private business

“Could you please get off your dead ass and un ■■■■ your business.”


I like asking. They should do a whole lot more of it.

“Hey guys, the debt is a gazillion dollars. Could y’all pitch in a $20?”

“You betcha, here ya go.”

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Trump is not the most powerful man on the planet. He’s clearly a laughing stock. No one takes him seriously. He took the most powerful position on the planet and turned it into a figurehead clown position. That’s what he is now. A joke.

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Yes, but how do you feeeeel about how he’s doing as POTUS?

Which is not the most powerful position in the USG, much less on the planet.

This is exactly why the president of the United States needs to adhere to the laws of the land. Idiot Boy has had TWO years to get his poo-poo together, and now he comes up with this? This is not the first time he’s stuck his ugly mug into private business. Of course he won’t listen to anyone except the talking heads on FOX.

When he starts the bail outs, holla!

He already did. Holla! Ask us about the $$ we had to give to farmers because Trump’s trade war backfired. Too big to fail!!!

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Oh…and its a DEMOCRAT union leader

To GM. It hasn’t backfired yet. He does need to get a deal done though.

Ahh the classic “what trump really meant” defense

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He won’t.

A sitting president threatening a private company is not just ‘asking’ and you know it.

The op says he asked. His own tweet.

What was the threat?

Sure he will. Watch the market then.

Nope. When it comes to things like this he is all talk and no action.

You don’t have the slightest problem with a president doing this?

He said doesn’t care why the company is doing this.

He got the Mexico / Canada deal done.


Neither do I. Fix it.

Trump gave you $200 while his friends and family got millions, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will get the rest of the bill. How easily you were fooled by this city slicker.

I don’t care what anybody else has.