Government interference in private business

OK cons, I’m curious how you will justify this one.

Not only government interference, but pretty much the actions of a dictator.

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Love the “Blame the Union” line that got thrown in there also.

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Which is contrary to what GM has said in the past.

The sociopath in the White House would never lie.


He also called out the Local UAW President today.

This is the most powerful man on the planet picking a fight with a random Union leader.


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Why does he care when “other, much better companies are coming in, in droves”?

What a ding-a-ling.


I like “sell it or do something quickly”.

It illustrates his insanity so clearly.

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TDS is running amok here.

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So you approve of what trump says.

Nah… not really TDS.

This is the thing that bothers me about simply dismissing the Twitter antics of the most powerful man on the planet as being unimportant…

The UAW President that the President of the United States calls out wrote him two seperate letters imploring Mr Trump for help in keeping the plant open. He has been on the news… he has talking about this for a while.

So for nearly a year the UAW President has been working to get the attention he felt was needed to keep the plant open.

This tweet is the first personal response that he has received.

There is an assymetrical power dynamic at work here that the President abuses on an almost daily basis in lieu of actually doing something about … well anything really… he yells into the void for someone else to fix it.

Now that may be a trait that some people like in their President.

Some others not so much.


Do you even listen to yourself.

One minute you’re complaining Trump is interfering then next minute you’re complaining that Trump ignored UAW.

This is why I don’t take your kin seriously anymore…TDS has taken it’s toll on libs.

I never complained that he is interfering.

I am pointing out how inneffectual he actually is.

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Like most of Trump’s outbursts, this has little if anything to do with policy.

It’s just campaigning. The plant is in Ohio. If it were in Washington, he wouldn’t care at all.

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Sometimes it’s hard for posters to tell the difference between more than one lib. It’s their own version of TDS.

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He also won’t say why the unions are at fault.

He doesn’t want to say (again) that American workers make too much money.

One would think that the huge corporate tax cut that GM got would allow them to pay their Union workers more… not close plants.


The president is a joke. And so are the people that worship the ground he walks on.


Yeah. It’s almost like the tax bill did exactly what we thought it would and none of what Trump told us.


What the hell? Dictators don’t “ask”.

On a side note: I got $200 more back this year than last and got to keep more during the year. :cowboy_hat_face: