Government in Oregon is looking to end small family farms!

Oregon, often praised for its lush landscapes and agricultural heritage, is now embroiled in controversy as small family farms face unprecedented challenges. Under the guise of environmental protection and water conservation, state authorities are wielding regulatory measures to shutter these farms en masse. This assault on Oregon’s small farms not only threatens the livelihoods of farmers but also raises fundamental questions about food sovereignty and individual freedoms.

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You don’t need farms when there are bugs to eat instead.

Bureaucrats are so stupid when it comes to these types of issues.


What is it with the bugs?

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Clicked through and it landed on Natural News.

Going to have to look into this a little more before I accept the premise of the article.

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Nice opinion PowerPoint.

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What is it about not knowing?

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Not knowing about what?

Eating bugs?

That certain types of people would prefer that over our current food system or as larger scale replacement for what we consume now.

There’s a lawsuit regarding this:

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Who are these certain types?

Not clear on what the issue is. That they’d have to follow the rules of larger farms?

Thank you for providing a different source.

I personally am not a big fan of raw milk seeing as how incredibly dangerous it can be to consume.

But as written it looks like the dairy industry is using its influence to put regulatory pressure on small producers and I see that as an overreach.

I hope that the government of Oregon would back off from small producers who basically make money through local markets and are not a threat to the major producers.

Stop playing dumb and trying to get me started in a game of fetch for your amusement.

Its been discussed many times here, so toddle along and annoy someone else.


I like Mexican chapulines.

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Snowpiercer bug bar.


You are eating LOTS of bugs everyday in your food. You just don’t know it.



My favorite soup too, made funnier that it’s called “unexpected cheddar and broccoli”

I still buy it.

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There is a fringe group. You hear about it every once in awhile. Probably the same people that don’t want you to use air conditioning. Now pushing lab grown meat.

Yes, you are. They of course don’t call it “bugs” in the ingredient list. That of course was not what I was discussing.

Are they that fringe if they are able to convince some elected officials to be ■■■■■■■■ and slowly add some of their ridiculous agenda to their governing?