Got our Your Gyroscopes -- Time to Change the Spin Again

Hot off the presses: Rick Perry made Trump do it!

How cool.

First “what whistleblower report”
Then the call was perfect
Then the call was perfect, but Trump didn’t pressure the Ukraine for dirt
Yesterday, it was just fine for the President to pressure the Ukraine for dirt

And now, Drumoll please, It was Rick Perry’s idea.

So dust off your spin machines Trumpers, because you have a new excuse to fluff up. Sunday is a new day.

The rest of us can laugh at the idea that Rick Perry – after thirty years on the government payroll – was the source of an original idea.

I wonder what new version of events will be the Trump defense tomorrow.


So either Trump is a liar or a person of such weak character that he can be coerced into doing things he would not normally do.

Either way these are not traits we want in a President.


Why not both?

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The man in a job in a department he wanted to deep six. He sure causes a lot of trouble for a nowhere man.

Dust it off? Trump World’s spin machine has been redlining RPMs since the 2016 campaign.

Perry admits that he urged Donald Trump to talk to the new president of Ukraine. That’s all you need to know about this. Ukraine’s energy security and economic development are great, and it would be a shame if Ukraine lost those things, so that’s what Donald Trump talked about with their President.

Mighty suspicious that as soon as Donald Trump is accusing Perry of this very serious scandal he’s planning to resign in a few weeks/months. I think it’s it’s about time that we have the Chinese look into whether Perry is corrupt.

And his supporters will now fall in line…

There is nothing inherently wrong with a president acting on a suggestion from a cabinet member.
If Trump did so, he should still take the responsibility for his actions.

Do you think he should use the Shane Warne defence: “his mum made him do it”?

Begs the question of why it two weeks before Trump decided to “credit” Perry.

But we know this Trump tactic unleash a deluge of inconsistent stories to encourage people to despair of ever finding the truth.


Been watching cricket clips on youtube…I know who he is, now I’m going to have to look that reference up…lol

Did you find it?

Hmmm…it looks like maybe Perry asked Trump to make the phone call about corruption and, while Trump had the Ukrainian Pres on the line, he couldn’t help throwing in there about Hunter.
Oh well, it will wind up being one of the most dissected phone calls in history.
…and it still wont wind up as being illegal or result in a conviction (the last part being my prediction, of course)

Perry’s version of the call does not tally with yours… but since you’ve been kind enough to share the outcome of everything, I guess getting the facts wrong doesn’t matter much.

Perry specifically says he wanted Trump to talk about energy security and economic development. That means corruption. It’s only natural that Trump would throw in Hunter, considering how corrupt he is. It’s not Trump’s fault he was following what Perry wanted him to do.

And it isn’t like we have many texts from Volker that putting pressure on Ukraine to open an investigation wasn’t a concern of the President or nothing.

This call totally was a one off… happened in a complete vacuum.

Or something

If they had anything impeachable on Trump… Schiff and the rest of the dems wouldn’t have to be lying through their teeth and bringing forth phony “whistleblowers” (shades of the Kavenaugh hearing) to attempt to drum up something.


At least with the Kavenaugh hoax the woman came forward to tell her story. These “whistleblowers” are totally anonymous. The public has the right to know the identity of the people calling our president a crook.

Yea…the diaretics he took, kinda blamed on mum.